This page is a constant number of Lists made by users here at the EpicPonyArtists HQ Wiki. They are all wishes to receive from "Santa" during this 2013 Christmas Year.


AngelinBlack424's Christmas Wishlist...

  1. More Pony Figurines
  2. New working headphones
  3. My Parents to trust me again
  4. All of my brony buddies and pegapals to have a great Christmas this year


Nic11rocker's Christmas Wishlist...

Well, I would like

Al: I would like a new cape

Mark: I would like to have a nice christmas dinner

Nickolai: To have a nice christmas with Marrisa

Steve: a scarf

Nimbus: A cool pic of me with the wonderbolts

Me: -_-.....Well, I want to be

Al: No one cares man!

Discord Nic11: I just want Angle and Kitty to come back

Al: What a girl.

Steve: I'll get it. *Punches Al*

Agent NikolaiEdit

Agent Nikolai's Christmas Wishlist...


InvaderVax's Christmas Wishlist...

  • All three MOTHER games
  • For Invader ZiM to come back to Netflix
  • IZ merchandise (specificly, Zim and GIR plushies, a poster, and a lunchbox, if it exists)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (book, so that I don't have to borrow it from my teacher)
  • Invader ZiM full series DVD
  • A huge box of Chapstick (for my lips, incase they get chapped again)
  • A base I can use to draw my own picture of Vax
  • Instructions on how to download mods on Minecraft
  • Pokemon X or Y
  • MUFFINS (:P)
  • I wants to balls of glue TO BE MY FRIENDS!
  • And I wants to go dancing NAKED!
  • And I wants- *Time passes by* And a chair made a' cheese and a table made a' cheese and a Mt. Everest sculpture made a' cheese and a chicken mad a' CHEESE!

Siete marmamraeEdit

Siete marmamrae's Christmas Wishlist...


Horrus' Christmas Wishlist...

Mr. SundownerEdit

Mr. Sundowner's Christmas Wishlist...


Gfallsfan 's Christmas Wishlist...

  • To go to Asgard! :D
  • To go to Equestria! :D
  • PIE!!!!!!!! :D 
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