This page is a constant number of Lists made by users here at the EpicPonyArtists HQ Wiki. They are all wishes to receive from "Santa" during this 2013 Christmas Year.


EpicPonyDrawings/AngelinBlack424's Christmas Wishlist...

  1. More Pony Figurines
  2. New working headphones
  3. My Parents to trust me again
  4. All of my brony buddies and pegapals to have a great Christmas this year


Nic11rocker's Christmas Wishlist...

Well, I would like

Al: I would like a new cape

Mark: I would like to have a nice christmas dinner

Nickolai: To have a nice christmas with Marrisa

Steve: a scarf

Nimbus: A cool pic of me with the wonderbolts

Me: -_-.....Well, I want to be

Al: No one cares man!

Discord Nic11: I just want Angle and Kitty to come back

Al: What a girl.

Steve: I'll get it. *Punches Al*

Agent Nikolai

Agent Nikolai's Christmas Wishlist...


InvaderVax's Christmas Wishlist...

  • All three MOTHER games
  • For Invader ZiM to come back to Netflix
  • IZ merchandise (specificly, Zim and GIR plushies, a poster, and a lunchbox, if it exists)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (book, so that I don't have to borrow it from my teacher)
  • Invader ZiM full series DVD
  • A huge box of Chapstick (for my lips, incase they get chapped again)
  • A base I can use to draw my own picture of Vax
  • Instructions on how to download mods on Minecraft
  • Pokemon X or Y
  • MUFFINS (:P)
  • I wants to balls of glue TO BE MY FRIENDS!
  • And I wants to go dancing NAKED!
  • And I wants- *Time passes by* And a chair made a' cheese and a table made a' cheese and a Mt. Everest sculpture made a' cheese and a chicken mad a' CHEESE!

Siete marmamrae

Siete marmamrae's Christmas Wishlist...


Horrus' Christmas Wishlist...

Mr. Sundowner

Mr. Sundowner's Christmas Wishlist...


Gfallsfan 's Christmas Wishlist...

  • To go to Asgard! :D
  • To go to Equestria! :D
  • PIE!!!!!!!! :D 
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