Amber with her Element Necklace.

Amber Hollywether. and her Element of Insanity.

"And the plot thickens. Sorry, Unnecessary announcement at an Unnecessary moment in time."

- Amber Hollywether

Personality & AttitudeEdit

Amber Hollywether is a white and blue Earth Pony with the thoughts and believes of insanity.

Amber is a very crazy and talkative pony who has a very strong rivalry against Marisa. She normally hides near the Everfree forest next to Fluttershy's cottage in her small old house.

Amber has a very insane personality and possessed voices in her head that make her extremely odd in Ponyille. She talks to herself, as well as her pet Snake NightCrawler.


Not much information is known about Amber Hollywether.

When Amber was around her filly years, her mother and father, Jewel and Silver Hollywether, had taken care of her
Scarred Black
for her entire childhood. When she became older to do some things on her own, both her parents had died in a car crash (the same accident that
Amber Dero

Amber and a poem EpicPonyDrawings wrote.

happened to Marisa's step-parents). Amber grew paranoid, and didn't want to go to any other adults to care for her, so she hid near the EverFree forest. When Marisa was a filly, she found her hiding away, and grew very upset. She tried making her feel better for a few weeks. Amber started to improve her happiness in life and became Marisa's friend short than, until finally Marisa became a teenager and stopped visiting her. Amber started than getting small voices in her head that worsened as she grew more paranoid, telling her that the future was bright if she had gotten rid of Marisa. In the end, she decided that she would kill Marisa permanently.

She still plans to find ways to destroy Marisa, with no luck.

Story Role in Hard to Reveil: Scarred BlackEdit

Amber's role in the story Hard to Reveil: Scarred Black," a cancelled story written by AngelinBlack424,
Im going to Kill you! Yay!

Amber and Marisa.

contains of being the main character of the story. It was declared that Amber, in the fanfiction, is a young teenager with many mental disabilites, and finds herself a significant boyfriend named Jaimix who does not understand, and breaks up with her. Amber than goes insane, and evilly begans to think of a way to bring Jaimix back. She takes Jaimix and recreates him into a cyborged control weapon, making him be not only a current boyfriend of Amber, but a weapon to those who try to harm her.

Not much information is known about the story, for it is currently being written.


  • Amber Hollywether's original name was Avenged Disturbance, and was created as a very gory pony with pure insanity. This was changed due to many of my regrets. I wanted to bring Amber back, changing her name and story to make it less twisted.
  • Amber's insanity is based from the Personality of Edward Richtofen from Call of Duty: Zombies, as an insane mare with voices. Her original story was base from multiple horror movies, but this was luckily soon changed.
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