"Yes, Master"


the angeloids are very loyal to the master and would never ever leave his/her's side no matter what as long the angeloids got a huge metal collar stuck on the neck with an chain leading to the master's hooves and would follow any orders from Master happy go round lucky without a question even a order of killing a ponies or slaughter angeloid's favorite pet they would still do it ------------- TRIVIA the angeloids have a huge beautiful colored wings on the back and have an ability to gain over magic without an horn using these strange magic cards that would grant Master's wishes just like fairies

They don't know how to smile from the heart, that's because they were half machine and half pony sent from above the sky to please the Master on the earth or beyond the sky which i would like to call "synapse" they're ruthless mercyless human in the sky who would torture the angeloids

they have a long colored hair and tail, and when they enter in a fight mode, they would gain a armor to protect themself and gain different weapons depending on the angeloids and what they were given with.

angeloids got a ranks and type. there's many different ranked and typed angeloids. they're different from eachother. like alpha could fight the best and protect her's master very well every angeloids got a abilites.

all angleoids are mare, don't cross them or trying to harm the master of itself angeloid. they would go berkserk and harm you really badly if you're lucky enough you will survive from angeloid's attack

Angeloids cannot swim or sleep, if angeloid swim. wings get heavy by the water and sink down to the bottom and able to walk around without need for the air to survive. angeloid stay awake all night by master's side

Angeloid would become servant to the pony who she awoke up with and would form a chain connecting to the pony's hooves (imprint) to show that the angeloid belong to the pony

Angeloids are skilled fighter

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