Anti changeling 001

This in not a changeling just a changeling hunter


The character here was made when a changeling attacked his home and he was badly beaten defending his family and his loved one but he did't succed. he went on a kill spree of changelings then when he found the nest he destroyed the cacoon and found a changeling that was mutated. The changeling and him combined so now he can use his powers to destroy any changeling he wants to get revenge.


  • Change into any creature he wants
  • spit acid from his mouth
  • use his tail as a blade


  • Psy-oh
  • derpy
  • discord
  • nega discord
  • chryisalis
  • changelings
  • evil psycho
  • twilight


  • Clones
  • vamponies
  • wereponies
  • celestia
  • luna
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