Black Lullaby
Black Lullaby
The Queen of the Suffragrentice Empire
Kind Suffragrave
Sex Female
Occupation Queen of the Suffragraves
Eyes Dark Red
Mane Black
Coat White
Relatives Pain Suffragentice (Husband), Suffragrave Army
Theme Song Lullaby for a Deadman by Elena Seigman/Kevin Sherwood
Cutie mark

"The only thing that I care about my right now is the safety of the Suffragentice Empire. There is no way I am backing down just because some few ponies won't give up land for us." - Black Lullaby

Personality & AttitudeEdit

Black Lullaby is the queen of the Suffragrave race, and lives with her husband Pain Suffragentice. She is part of the sinister race to find land for the entire Suffragentice Empire, and cares for each and every one of them.

Black Lullaby is barely shown with her husband Pain, but she has a very caring heart for her species and stays home to care for them. She lives in the ruling empire of Suffragentice, and she still plans to rule Equestria as well as Pain to find more land and shelter for their over-populating species.


Black Lullaby was first introduced in history as meeting Pain for the very first time. Realizing that she was the same "Unknown Species as him", he became married to her. They ran into the deep forest again, and continued to look for land. They then had children, and renamed their new species "Suffragrave" as in Dedication to Pain's last name.

The entire species expanded into all of the possible space outside of Equestria. All of the plains were taken for suffragrave land, but unfortunetly at one point, it was all taken, and the suffragraves now had no more space for their population which was growing very quickly.

Now, Pain, Black Lullaby, and the entire pack of Suffragraves all hope to soon seize control of Equestria's land for their own species, and they still continue to do so by sneaking into Equestria using other ponys' bodies and stealing food as well as land.

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