Comet Flare
Comet Flare the Alicorn
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Eyes Orange
Mane Black
Coat Dark Red
Cutie mark
Owner User: AngelinBlack424
Template:AngelinBlack Property

Comet Flare is a black haired and read fur coated alicorn who believes he came from the former planet Pluto.


Comet Flare is an alicorn with a dark red fur coat and a black mane and tail. He has a horn and wings, and has orange eyes. His cutie mark is a meteor. He was originally owned by the user CometLetsPlay, but was than given to the user AngelinBlack424.


Comet Flare has a very random and friendly personality. Sometimes he can be upset or depressed, but Marisa and the rest of her friends continue to help him with his problems. He strangely believes that he was born and raised on the planet Pluto, and was crash landed onto the Kingdom of Equestria. So far, no one understand why.

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