Doctor Matthew Halifax

Doctor Halifax
"....." - Halifax

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Robotic Scientist
Eyes Light Green
Mane Gray
Coat Orange & Red
Nicknames Halifax
Relatives Kenzith (Created Brother)
Cutie mark
Pencil and Blueprints
Owner User: AngelinBlack424

'"My creator doesn't really talk. That's what I'm here for." - Kenzith explaining Halifax


Doctor Matthew Halifax, mainly called Halifax, is an earth pony with orange and red hair, a gray coat, a blueprints cutie mark, and white gloves. He is the creator of Kenzith, and he uses the robot as a translater. He does not have many friends in Ponyville, but Marisa decides to show him how he can make friends, as well as his robotic brother.


When Halifax was a colt, he was very connected with his brother JT FireBlaze. He always helped communicate with other ponies, due to his lack of a working Mouth (It was deformed as a newborn). Finally when JT passed away by an illness, Halifax was devistated. He didn't know what else to do, and so for the past years until he finally grew up to be a stallion, he studied science, and finally created a robot look a like of his brother so that he wouldn't be alone. He created Kenzith.


  • Halifax is originally based off of the brother of the person based off of Kenzith.
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