Dust Fade
Dust Fade
Fade's rumored appearance in the upcoming Fanfiction
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Eyes Brown
Mane Black & White
Coat Dark Red
Nicknames Undead Dust(Over-Exaggeration of his attitude)
Cutie mark

"My Mother always told me that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Sometimes, I don't even fear that."

- Dust "Undead" Fade

Dust Fade is a Black & White maned Pegasus that is featured and is one of the main characters of the new fanfiction Hard to Believe VI: Richtofen's Decent, He is one of the main survivors in the fanfiction, and is determined to defeat the one who he blames to have killed his little sister, Brutal "Chii" Essin.

Personality & AttitudeEdit

Dust Fade's first introduction is in the upcoming apocalypse fanfiction, Hard to Believe VI: Richtofen's Decent. Not much information is known by Daryl, yet his plans part of the story are to destroy the one had killed his younger sister Chii. He is a very strict and commanding survivor that is part of the helping team of Marisa and Her friends, and is very experienced in Weapons stolen by the Suffragrave species, such as the 115 Suffragentick Crossbow, shown in his picture. In his introduction in the beginning of the fanfiction, Daryl is alone surviving by himself, but than teams up with Marisa to annihaliate Pain and his Suffragraves.


When Dust Fade was first introduced as a main character, he was hiding himself in a broken-down carriage by the nearest of the Ever-Free forest. In the story, He had found out about Chii's death by the Time Machine explosion, and he had immediatly blamed Pain Suffragentice for the event to happen. He is now determined to hunt and kill Pain and his suffragraves.


  • Dust Fades design was first drawn as an attempt to create a Ponyfied Version of Daryl from AMC's The Walking Dead. He was than declared as a Fan Character after continous mentions of him not looking like his human spin-off.
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