" Pfft! you think you could kill me? Think again!"- Evil Side Whicken


The creature's ears were flattened to its skull, a huge gash leading from one ear to the other across the forehead. Blood-stained fur was shown all the way down its face, past its glowing red eyes and scratched cheeks. Its arms hung limply by its sides and its tail drooped limply over its shoulder, the tail at the tip of it having had a large chunk ripped out of it. The Whicken 's mouth had dried blood around the lips, and some still dribbling from the corner of its mouth,

Right where the chest was, the abdomen and stomach area of the Whicken too, there was a gaping wound; inside could be seen intestines, bones, cracked ribs and with copious amounts of blood dripping from it, covering the white belly-fur and staining it red. ponies could see its heart,  ponies  saw it beating feebly within the shattered ribcage.


That dog is very dangerous to be around.  he had a twisted personal and had no patience.

at one second  you could see him walking on sidewalk then next second you are dead on the floor with your organs splatted all over across the place and being torn apart by Him

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