Gyvarlia is the capitol of Gryphons, a country east of Equestria. It is full of strange things. Its hsitory goes back centuries ago when Gryphons was first founded. The city has much advanced technoogy, including a hidden garden of nukes. It is rumored that the Emperor of Gryphons, Gernstava, may eventually use these nukes on Equestria.



The people of Gyvarlia have a high interest in technology. The city is full of things like cars, floating cameras with advanced AIs, plasma TVs, laser guns, starships, nukes, and more.

Music, art, and literatureEdit

The people of Gyvarlia have always been fond of all three of these. Music is especially popular and concerts are kept in a building called "Veegawor". Art is popular and is kept in a giant museam called "Nura". Literature is also very popular. It usually is poetry. Literature is kept in a library called "Naavaar".

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