As to believe this series had broke itself down and ended. The tales shown previously were already with its sinister sentences to fear the readers that chose to witness it. More of them show to appear and faze them into confusion, and fear. The story of a once again tragedy, starting from the bloodied years of 1944 to the upcoming future of 2014, has come back for revenge. The world has gotten more interesting; the time machine has gone haywire. The world has gotten quiet. Ponyville has remained undone and questioned with no answers to be found. Everything has turned itself backwards, and the world has gotten different, not softly but bitterly. In this tale, you are going to see the past of one of our favorite characters, adding an additional twist to give a dark but fitting ending into this confusing and desperate tragedy given to Marisa Ariel Dempsey.

It was once again, a normal day in the town of Ponyville. The night dimmed away and the sun had risen before the midday. The ponies that lived there rested peacefully on their seats enjoying the pouring snowflakes from the window, for the holiday of Hearth’s Warming Eve was soon approaching.

Tank COD

Origins, in the human world.

It was going to be a joyful holiday this year I thought. I had been decorating my whole home that day enjoying in the cold, as my gloves and coat kept me in warmth for the entire occasion. My stepdad was placing the reindeers atop of the roof, while my dad continued to hang all of the lights into place.

My name was Marisa Ariel Dempsey, but most just called me Marisa. It was the year of 2014 of December 21st at this time, and Hearths Warming Eve was coming. I was so excited, because school was on vacation and I got to stay home until the 7th of January. I was growing up so quickly, and I was turning 16 soon. My birthday was still around August, so I better have just made the best of my time being as young as I currently was.

I was still hanging up the reindeer stickers onto the windows, when my stepdad, mostly by the name of Richtofen, accidently spilled out a gallon of snow atop of my head, still being on the roof. I quickly got cold. “Richtofen, really?” I giggled, and so did the German Pegasus. He made his evil laugh of joy, and then continued working on the decorations. It just seemed like a friendly day for my family.

My sister, Wonder Muffin, was in the kitchen cutting out snowflakes by herself. She wasn’t with us; she just preferred to be alone, which I understood. I just helped along with my parents, until than suddenly, after putting the last sticker into the surface of the clear window, I need a weird whisper in the wind. My eyes widened very quickly, but I assumed in my head that it was just the wind making natural music within its blow. I stopped working outside by then, and sat down where I could rest. I slipped my coat off of my… coat, and took off my gloves. I still kept my warm socks on, however, and I took a few breaths. It was then that I had seen my boyfriend Nickolai approach the door to my home, with his other friend Warzone.

The two were together in a pack of vamponies, and they came to visit me. They had a very hard time taking glances at my two fathers, for they were filled with what all vamponies had craved; Blood. And I had already been turned, or become one of the vamponies in the pack, when Nickolai and I finally got together. I learned to control my bloodthirst in front of my parents, but Warzone was not used to it. He blocked his face when he saw the two stallions working on the house, and I opened the door to let the vamponies inside of the door.

“Hey,” Nickolai approached me. “Getting ready for Hearth’s Warming Eve I guess?” “Well what else did you think I was getting ready for, Halloween?” I chuckled. Warzone opened his eyes to see the inside of our house. “Man, I hate being a bloodsucker sometimes,” He mentioned. “I’m not used to the whole ‘Being near mortals filled with tasty delicious… mouthwatering blood…’”

Nickolai quickly slapped Warzone to snap him out of it. “Gah! Sorry,” Warzone responded. Nickolai looked at him. “It’s Alright, dude.”

“Well, what brings you two here?” I questioned them. They looked at me smiling. “I came to hang out with my girlfriend. Warzone came to play your Xbox.” Warzone grinned, his fangs greatly in view.

“Um, yeah, sure.” “Do you have Haylo?” Warzone loudly asked in sudden excitement. My eyes widened. “Um, I believe so.”

He raced to the Xbox, his eyes glowing brightly. I was so confused, Until then Nickolai rubbed his hoof on my head. “Don’t worry Maris, he’s just being Warzone.”

I laughed quietly, and removed his hoof. He pushed it back and smiled at me. “I love you.” “I love you too, but I don’t know if it’s very safe with you bringing all your vampony friends to my house. My dad has been in World War II. If any vamponies show their fangs at him, something bad will happen.” I warned Nick as he tilted his head.

“I apologize,” He replied. “Warzone was just very happy to come and see you again. He wanted to check up, and he wanted to find some way to get away from his little brother anyway.”

“Yeah, I don’t blame him. I’ve seen what Javelin Battlefield can do to a pony.” I sighed. Warzone finally raised up his hoof from behind us. “I found Haylo Reach!” He spazzed, and ran towards the xbox. He jammed the CD into the slot like it was Mission Impossible. Nickolai giggled. “Well, why don’t we go out for Lunch or something?” “And leave Warzone here? With my parents?” I worried. Nickolai looked at her parents outside of the window. “Oh, yeah. Nevermind. Well, we could always eat here. Warzone can order pizza.” “Pizza?” I questioned again. “From a phone?” “Well, he actually orders pizza from a computer.” I laughed. “Is that even possible?” “Well if you’re over 300 years old and know almost everything about the world. Yeah.”

All throughout that day, I waited for the wind to come again. I kept thinking about it, I swear I heard something earlier that day. But during that time, Nickolai and I were eating pizza while watching Warzone yell at the television screen because he was being chased by a giant ‘Scarab’. It made me laugh.

It wasn’t till on the day after this that I was going to get a call. A call not from a phone, but as I had woken up to see something in front of my eyes, something that was showing me where to go next.

It was dark as I had lye myself down for the night. It seemed to have gotten colder as time passed by me. I could feel breezes of wind as I slept, and that I was going through a change of my environment. Then, I finally woke slowly. Very slowly. I kept moving around, thinking about something that I was always familiar with, in my dream. In my dream, I saw a huge and ugly bunker. Pouring rain it was, and the mud and grass was soaking wet. There were not even much grass to see, because it was covered in Mud and dirt, and dead corpses.

As I had seen the views from my dreamt eyes, startled in shock, I slowly opened my eyes in mild paralyzation. I was having a hard time moving, and I opened my eyes to see I was still in my bed. The room felt cold, but no window was open. No doors were cracked, or people were seen. I was alone feeling the mysterious temperature rise, and I looked around again, and then I noticed something. Something strange and something I did not


understand. I turned my head to the end table of my bed, where my purple hearted lamp and alarm clock were, and there she was. A picture of my mom, and my dad sitting together in a park. They sat on a bench hugging. My dad looked like he was only 19 in the picture, same with mom. But, what was it doing here? Why was a picture of mom and dad laying on my end table?

I started having this feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I kept looking around feeling dizzy. Something was happening that I didn’t understand. I was getting tired again and things were beginning to blur from my vision. I let my eyes look out for a last few minutes, and I saw a large and tall foggy figure staring down at me. My eyes widened, but barely, because that one night was I being possessed by my own mother, and I didn’t know why. I tried whispering out to the foggy tall mare that started to piece together looking more like mom. “Mom…” I choked out, and then that was it. After that night, I didn’t recall what had happened until the next few hours. I had woken up again to the basement. I had strangely woken up in the cold room, on the hard floor where the glowing lights of the time machine reflected on towards my face as I woke up looking down. My eyes widened, and I looked up to see the time machine’s flashing lights and glowing buttons. The time machine door was closed, and the alarms of it were off, like they usually were. I slowly got up, wondering how I had gotten into this room. Then, I remembered the encounter with my mom in my room, And the possession.

She took me to the basement. She was telling me something, or worse, warning me. I had a strong feeling it was including the use of the time machine. I began walking towards the machine, and then I began hearing noises again in my head. I whispered to myself.

“Mom, why did you take me here?” I was looking around for a sign. “What happened?”

I didn’t get a response. All I got was glowing lights from the machine buttons. It was like she left as soon as I finally realized that she was trying to alarm me with something. It made me very upset, and so I just trotted my way upstairs to the kitchen. I passed by my stove to see the time; It was 4 in the morning. My god, I can’t believe how early in the morning this was.

I passed by my stepdad Richtofen, who was sleeping on the couch. The way he slept was really weird; he talked in his sleep, and a few times had he sleepwalk and break something expensive. I felt bad for him, in a way. He had a very difficult past, including the times of happiness, because he had an insane personality to him. He was able to control the sanity he lacked with the help of the Dempsey family. It was made me feel good about myself was that I took care of the impossible to care for. I walked back to my room and slowly closed my door in case I could hear mom again. I didn’t hear anything anyway, so I just closed it completely, and sat down on my bed. I looked down at my back hooves and then lie down on the blanket. Looking up at the ceiling, I whispered one more time.

“I love you mom”.

The next morning approached. I slowly opened my eyes. Nothing surprised me. It was just the same old thing; Looking up to see my extremely messy room. I slowly pushed myself the other way, falling to the floor from my bed and making a big thud. My dad quickly looked into my door. “Are you alright, Maris?” He questioned to me. I shook my head ‘Yes’. He smiled.

“Doc made breakfast downstairs. If you want some, it’s down there. Him and I are going to find Takeo and Nikolai. I’ll be back.” He took off from the door and led himself to the livingroom door, as I could hear the door downstairs open. He was quick.

“Okay Dad.” I shouted slowly in my reaction. He had already taken off with Stepdad by the time I had gotten to the kitchen to see very deformed Waffles on top of the kitchen table. I smirked, and tilted my head. As I had sat down to begin eating my breakfast, I heard the wind again, and my breath got deeper again. I looked up. I almost felt tired of this.

I spoke up. “Whatever you are, please stop,” I announced. “I already have much stress today, and my head hurts.”

Finally than, I heard a speaking voice, one more time. It spoke loud and clear to me, “Agartha.” Than it stopped. That’s all it said. This was starting to aggravate me. I stopped eating my waffles, and growled. “Mom, is that you?” I firmly questioned.

“Yes.” The whisper entered my ears, and my eyes widened. I wanted to scream, because I found it hard to believe that my mother was here, but at the same time I was happy, and so I didn’t say a word. “Mom, what is it that you are trying to tell me?” I replied to her faded voice strictly. Nothing happened. There was no response by audio, but there was by video, following audio with it. I heard the door of the basement crack open, and squeak during its movement. I turned around to look at it, and I saw that the basement door was opened shortly. I slowly got up and approached the door. I put my hoof on the handle, and had felt the cold shivers race down my back. It was extremely cold, which I knew something strange was going on. It was that my mom was trying to tell me something, but by the best of her strength she couldn’t.

She was leading me towards the Time Machine, and she wanted me to go in there somewhere. But why? What was it that I needed to do? By the time I had gotten downstairs, the time machine was glowing, like it had already been enabled. The beautiful yet noisy sounds coming from the doors and the flashing light of the top was enraging. I walked over to the time machine and I had already felt the cold. And then, a huge shock sparked on the top of the machine and the inside felt like a freezer. It was finally when I saw the pixels waving across my face, and the years passing through my eyes as I was noticeably traveling through time. It took five minutes for me to safely land… on what I had seen last night, in my twisted dream in slumber. That was printed into my head from this day fourth.

I appeared as if in a horror film. The dark, I could hear contained screeches of monsters and beasts. The monster made noises, and felt like they were approaching me. I was on the muddy dirt ground of what I knew what was once again, my dream, but this time, very rare and real.

I looked around as I slowly got up, and I saw there was a huge bunker, with trenches, covered in dirt and dead corpses of what looked to be like rotten ponies that have died
Origins Trench

The Trenches.

longer than when they had dropped to the floor. I began to trot around, scared, not knowing what was happening or where I was going. It was a place that I had never pictured to be in before, and this was the first adventure that I have ever been in contained in the time machine by myself.

Then, behind me walking straight up to me with his rotten teeth and bleeding coat, was a flesh eating zombie pony. It grabbed my flank with its arm, forcing me to notice the beast, and I screamed. I jumped back in panic, and began to back up into the wall. It just continued following me, and I began running around in the room, hoping I would find an object to hit it with. Finally, backing up too far against the wall, a standing drawer began to fall, and I jumped back. The drawer slammed itself to the ground, revealing an old rusted bucket of knifes. I gasped in relief, and races towards the finding. The zombie carelessly approached me, until with all my fear and strength; I jammed the tip of the sharp knife into the zombie’s skull. Its eyes went in two different directions, and blood began to pour. Then, he fell to his infected fate. I was breathing fast, and I quickly put the knife back into the bucket, and began carrying the whole thing with my mouth.

I started to race out of the bunker, running into a trench filled with corpses, and the rain was pouring on my scalp, cooling me off from my sweat. I didn’t hesitate; I was petrified. I was soaked in wet, still running for my life as more of those monsters began chasing me. I stopped then as I had seen another crowd of the zombies in front of me, and others jumping in through the trenches’ corners. I was nearly trapped in the dirty trench with the beasts, until out of panic I jumped up onto the wall of the trench and started to gallop again. I didn’t care where I was going anymore. I just wanted to run from these zombies and be safe. I found a small bunker again, but this time it was by itself, with nothing in it. I jumped into the doors of the small shelter and sat down near the window of the room. My coat was covered in mud, and my mane was ruined by the splashes and the rain.

I put my hooves against my face, dropping the knife-contained bucket, and I began to sob. I didn’t understand why my mother brought me here. Maybe she took me here to die.

I looked at the ground, rubbing my muddy hoof against the rocky surface, until than had I felt a hoof on my shoulder. I screamed, jumped back, and quickly grabbed one of the knifes, shoving it into the arm touching me. Snapping back to the wall, I finally saw that it was what I did not expect. It was my mother. I screamed when I realized that I stabbed my mother, but to her, it did not hurt a bit. She was alive and standing, but she looked completely zombified. Her face was hanging flesh, her hooves were dirty and bloody, and her outfit was ripped apart. She however did not attack me. Instead, she rose out her hoof, and spoke in a groaning tone.

“Marisa, do not attack, please.” She smiled at me. The knife was still shoved inside her arm, bleeding horribly, but she was still alive painlessly moving.  I slowly grabbed the knife with my mouth, and ripped it out. As I was horrified if she was in pain, I panicked towards her. “Mom, what happened to you!? How did that not hurt!? How come you’re still alive!?”

She put her hoof to the ground, the blood still pouring from her coat, which did not affect a bit of her. “I died in August of 1944, but my spirit still lives. I came to you and told you to come here, and now my body is as if it was contained of Zombie Blood. Because I came with you.” “What are you talking about? Why did you take me here?” I questioned firmly.

She put a slow frown on her face, and looked at me with big eyes. “Something is going to happen in this year. Something has found and interfered with the time machine. It has been gained access to, and we don’t know what it is. It’s threatening your father and the other three.”

I didn’t understand, but I had a strong feeling that she was sending me on a mission to stop whatever was out to kill my father and the others. I looked out of the window of the torn bunker. There were zombies all over the facility, limping and moaning lifelessly across the viewpoint. Mom looked out with me.

“Marisa, you have come so far. Your stepfather may have erased everything about your previous adventures from your memory, but I believe you have come far enough to see that this is your final call of duty.” She put her bloody hoof on my muddy shoulder again.

“Mom, what is going on?” I shook my head rapidly. She looked at me seriously. And that’s what she continued with. She explained to me almost everything that I had forgotten from that day when I got up from the surgery table, strapped down and stitched up from the head. I couldn’t believe I forgot all of this. But it wasn’t my fault, it was the surgery.

“You mean, I was put through so much depression that my parents erased my memory?” I questioned. She shook her head in a yes expression. I sighed. “I had no idea.” “That was the plan. They did not want you to know. They didn’t want you to hurt yourself like you were.” She put her head closer to mine. “Marisa,” I turned my head back shyly, but she continued. “None of this would’ve happened if you didn’t enter the machine on that day. On the day your dad went missing, and you brought Chii with you.” “I’m so upset that I can’t remember it.” I shed a small tear, until Mom responded. “You would have been even more upset if they didn’t erase your memory in the first place.”

She wiped my face with her bloodied hoof. “I need to go, but you can do this on your own.” “No, Mom, don’t leave me here alone!” I yelled. “Shhh,” She approached my face with hers. “You have grown up, and you’re gaining more stability and knowledge. I know that you can do this on your own, but I will be watching you wherever you go. I’ll make sure you are kept safe.” She began to fade, and I tried to grab her hoof with no luck. “Mom, what am I supposed to do!? Where do I need to go!?” She made a last speech to me. “Follow the words. Follow her signs.” She then disappeared instantly, fading into the dark night clouds. I began to cry again. “Mom…”

It took twenty minutes for me to calm myself. Looking outside of the window, I could see the countless wave of flesh eating zombie ponies limping across the grass and the rocks. The blood continued to drip on the ground, and I was getting hungry.

I knew that I wasn’t able to drink zombie blood. My vampony self would turn into one of those beasts if I took a sip, and I would become one of the strongest zombies that roamed the trenches, crushing other possible survivors with my fleshy zomvampony strength. I tried not to stare at the blood that was viewable from the outside, no matter how bloodthirsty my teeth were getting. This was going to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done to myself. I either had to choose to drink the blood of a zombie and become a death machine to every living thing still roaming the Earth, or try hardly to keep myself from being so thirsty, biting my own self in the process and eventually dying of lack of blood supply.

I was in depression. My eyes starting to fade in fate, and my strength was gaining weakness. I was slowly walking out of the small door of the ruined bunker with my bucket of soggy knives, seeing zombies turn their heads to me in seconds. They began trotting towards me, groaning and limping in motionless pain. My fangs showed in full view, and I hissed loudly.

I was angered, and in depressive pain, and I ran up to the first zombie, jamming one of the wet knives into the Zombie’s eye. I kicked the beast towards the surface of the ground, and down he went. Others continued to chase me, licking their chops for my flesh, and I sliced and bruised and flipped my knife through every single one as they tried to hit me with their lifeless jaws.

I was than enraged as I kept moving. Every zombie I passed by dropped dead on the ground, blood covering their faces. I was by then extremely bloodthirsty, gaining more and more anger seeing the zombie plasma race down their undead faces. Until then, had I seen someone doing the same.

I slowly approached her. She was a mortal, as I said smelled her. She however, looked like a soldier. She was covered in zombie blood as they tried to fight her. She flipped her pistol straight through her hooves and shot the zombie straight in the forehead, dropping him to his official death. She, in my opinion, was gorgeous. She had a black braid in her mane, and the rest was hot pink. Her cutie mark as a skull with blades and two shotguns, and she was an Alicorn pony. She was beautiful and tough at the same time. She looked like she knew what she was doing, and she killed every zombie that came close. Piles and piles of undead corpses dropped to her feet. I knew I had to greet her. But because of my bloodthirst, my eyes dilated looking at her skin, and in seconds, I darted at her. I ran up to her with lightning speed and my fangs busted through the view of my mouth ready to bite. Until had she quickly turned with great agile, and shoved her bayoneted weapon into my chest. I stopped moving immediately and my mouth was wide open, showing my fangs. I tried to speak, but the knife shoved in my chest was making it difficult. She smiled at me, like she thought I was being funny.

“You’re one of them?” She growled at me, and shoved the gunned bayonet into my flesh even more. I screamed out loud, and she stopped her movement. “Everyone knows that anyone else who messes with me will be sorry.” I tried to talk, but my vocals felt the pain and didn’t say anything else. My mouth was wide too, as she could see my sharp vampony fangs flashing at her. “Oh, you’re a vampony. I get it. You’re like, one of the smart zombies than.” She ripped the bayonet right out of my severed chest, and I yelled covering it due to the pain. I fell to the ground, but my vocals could speak a little more by then.

“I’m…” I stuttered out. “Fighting them, too….” “Oh, really,” She approached me, picking up my head. My thirst was getting worse but more scared to move as her blood filled skin touched my face. “Than what was with the attack you just tried?”

“I’m…. bloodthirsty….” I had difficulty saying it through, but the pony smiled. “Why couldn’t you just have asked me, kid?” She raised her hoof at me. “Bite me, but don’t drink it all, or you’ll be sorry. And don’t turn me either. I don’t want to be any blood sucker.” I took that in offense, but I couldn’t believe she offered her blood to me. Not all of it, but some.

I looked at her coat, and my fangs felt pleasure to seeing them. I was getting enraged on the inside of me, and my teeth approached her hoof. I finally gave out a question. “It’s very hard for us to stop drinking the blood… I can try… not to…” I jammed my teeth quickly into the mares hoof. She began grinding her teeth, and we could both see the blood dripping from where I bit through. I tried my best, no matter how hard it was, to stop at a certain point. I didn’t inject any of the venom either. But for one thing, I realized that I couldn’t let go. I looked up at the pony as I continued drinking her blood, and her eyes began to cross. She was getting weaker, and I could see it in her coat. She made a growl, and kicked me in the stomach as quick as possible. I gasped, and let go from her arm. She dropped herself, as well as I did, falling to the ground. She angrily looked at me again. “You tried to kill me and thought you could get away with it.” I gasped. “No!” I felt much stronger again by the time the drunken plasma began to kick in. “I tried not to drink you dry…! Vamponies can’t help ourselves, and we have the instinct to be that way…!”

She looked down at the muddy ground and rubbed her hoof against the rocks. Looking at me again, she spoke. “Look, kid, I’ve been against zombies for 17 years. I know that the undead can’t stop unless they are stopped by force. Isn’t that exactly why I kicked you?” She smiled like she was making a point, which she was.

“Fine,” I slowly began up to my hooves again. “Look, we just need to find a way out of this disgusting place okay? My mom sent me here to rescue the future of my dad and…” “Whoa whoa whoa, slow down kid.” She interrupted me. “You were sent here? To rescue your dad’s future?”

“Yeah?” Then, my eyes widened. “Wait, No!” I didn’t want anyone to know of the basement time machine, had I realize that just now, as I’ve been hiding the fact for my whole life. Her eyes perked up. “You have a time machine? Is that what you’re trying to say?” “No, No no no no no no no NO!” I announced firmly. That was when she smiled again. “You’re lying. I can tell you are. Vamponies turn more pale when they stress.”

I didn’t say a word. I just stared at her, with my fake smile. “Kid, don’t be scared to tell me. I got a time machine too.”

My jaw dropped. “Wh-Wha…?” “It’s how I got here.” She raised her hoof at me. “My name is Lydia Polonsky. I am a professional female soldier and zombie killer.” She looked at me happily, like her entire personality changed in a second. “I have a time machine in my home. My dad was killed in war and it left me to follow his footsteps. I traveled constantly, fighting for him, especially after the zombie pony apocalypse.” She slowly sat herself down in the mud, worsening the conditions of her coat.

“I was a filly when I saw my dad fight for my freedom, and he taught me to one day be the most carnage creating female soldier this world has ever seen. After he died, I had nowhere to turn when the zombies began infesting this damned world. I was only a filly than, when I was brought to my home; an abandoned threatre in Nazi Germany.”

I gasped at her. “An abandoned theatre?” I question her in curiousity. “You mean Kino Der Toten?” “Kino Der Toten?” she replied. “I never heard of the threatre’s name, but I know I claimed it as my home. I used the main theatre room to watch clips of my family and war on the projector. I ate at the front bar of the first room, bringing my own food or hunting for food myself.  I use the outside of the Threatre as the restroom. And my gun supplies are in the second room downstairs.”

“Then, why are you here?” I questioned again. It seemed like she was gaining depression on herself.

“I’m here because something has been bringing me here. For a long time now, I started to hear the voice of a little girl asking for help.” My eyes dilated. I had a strong feeling I knew who that little girl could be. “Little girl? Did she sound like she was nine? Did she ask to play Hide and Seek with you?” She tilted her head as I responded to her with the questions. She slowly reached over to grab her knife, as she could hear the sounds of zombie groans approaching us once again. “No, she sounded like she was 14. She was begging for help.” “That’s strange. I could’ve sworn that it would have been-“ “Please, is anyone there? You have to help me. Please. I’m trapped here. I just want to go home!” That was when I and Lydia could both hear the cries of the girl. I jumped up. “What? Who are you? Where are you trapped?” “Please, there is a way to open the gateway.” The echoing spirit voice continued. “What are you saying??” I was getting furious. “Who are you?” “My father knew this was going to happen. He had told me the way out. Please, you need to open the gateway to Agartha and free me. Doing so, you will be gratefully rewarded…”

“Kid, tell us what you want from us. How the heck do we open the gateway?” Lydia was in front of me, and she was serious. The girl wasn’t responding well to us. “Please, I am Samantha Maxis.I need to be freed. Before the 115 destroys the Earth. There is a way to open the doors to Agartha and save this world from what is about to become the zombie infested planet of Earth.” My jaw dropped nearly to the floor. I couldn’t possibly believe she was Samantha. The same girl that I had dealt with, who tried to kill my own parents, since 1945 and continuing from the time machine. Samantha had already killed my mother with her zombie race. Why should I help her?

“Samantha, you have ruined my entire life since the beginning. Why should I help you with this?” “Please, Marisa, if I am freed, you will be rewarded beyond dreams that you can imagine to ever become true.” “You will bring my mother back? After you killed her?” I growled. Lydia looked at me with a sad expression. Samantha didn’t respond until 2 minutes letter. “My father was so close…  The zombies were not told to kill the pregnant mother that was having you. The voices were told to.”

“Is this some kind of cruel joke?” Lydia snapped at Samantha’s voice, and zombies began to get angrier as they approached our bunker. They began tearing their arms through the walls, and so Lydia quickly grabbed her knife and shoved it into one of the zombies’ arms. It did not stop the beast from ripping through the bunker to approach us.

“Please, Marisa, you must use this and fight to keep your father and his soldiers safe from being killed here. You need to free me.” “My father?” I gasped. “He’s here!? Where is he!?” Then, without only a few seconds, had a huge toy box appear in front of us. The box had glowing red from the cracks. The skull’s eyes in front of the box were glowing as well, and there looked like the entire chest was surrounded in small flames. I looked at it for a few minutes, and then looked at Lydia, who was stabbing the limbs from the zombies that were breaking in. I screamed to see that one of the zombies had reached over to Lydia, and grabbed her. She yelled out, and I ran to the box.

Lydia was freaking out, dropping her bloody knife in the process. The zombie had almost bitten into her shoulder. “Marisa! Help me!! Help me dammit!!” She had backed up into the wall, her hooves stomping frantically to see she had no weapon. Then, in my minutes, the zombie was vaporized… “Huh?” She confusingly noted. She looked over to me, and had seen that I had a huge weapon sparking electricity from the top, light bulbs bursting with light, and the reload of the weapon was alienic.

“I found my new best friend.” I grinned. “I’m going to name it Rebecca.” “Yeah, sure, I’ve been time traveling since the 1940’s and I know for a fact that that is the Wunder Waffe DG-2” She outsmarted me with this fact, and It made me feel stupid. But then again, I probably had no idea what I was even doing compared to her knowledge.

Zombies began to enter the bunker approaching us with their bloodied face dripping with druel and plasma. “Okay, Samantha told me that my dad is here with us, and we need to make sure he is kept alive. The time travel with you sparked a significant patch in the time machines travel info. So now something else has entered 1918, in the Origins Digsite, and it is going to threaten the lives of my dad and Richtofen. That is the last thing we need.” “Yeah. Come on.” She approached the glowing toy box, and slowly opened it to view what was inside. In minutes, a glow revealed itself, and a huge amount of random weapons began to appear. All were playing Hard to Get. As the gun rolled upward in the glowing box, it had finally stopped to a certain weapon. It was the Paralyzer; probably one of the biggest and strongest weapons to hold in your hooves. Lydia was beyond shocked, and she quickly grabbed it from the box, and began hugging it.  She acted like someone I used to remember, but I can’t remember who it was.

  When people think of dreams, there are many things that can happen in those dreams. There are also many times when those dreams can become reality. Now, something is going to happen to the two ponies tonight. This happening is something that cannot be expected unless the true reader could study this entire series, word for word, game for game. Things cannot happen without a hint. Like if you were on the train track of a speeding train that was targeting towards you, you would at least hear the sounds of little truckles in the tracks before finally being splattered to a million pieces. Or if your lower stomach was to give lower pains and you were feeling very painful to the point of screaming, you would know that your Appendix had blown up inside your body, and there was a possible chance you would die in a few hours. Next to this tragic tale, is not only a strange outcome, but also a strange end. An end to have never known.

Me and Lydia were tired, hungry, and were nearly ready to fall. We had survived many hours of this fight. The zombie creatures did not give up. They would not stop until we were dead. Sadly for them however, we refused to give that time in to us.

Samantha continued to moan, and cry. Her weeps began to give me headaches. It was during that time to declare that we were finished. We had tried helping in any way we could to ‘Free’ her, and we nearly died each attempt. It was almost like we had given up. Our coats and manes were covered in mud, and blood. Our cutie marks we could not even see anymore because they were completely soaked in the wet dirt. My bloodthirst was beginning to kick in again.

The plasma from Lydia was not enough to keep me running. However, we tried as hard as heavenly possible to continue. I refused to look at Lydia’s neck, and she was too hungry to even pick herself up. Her empty stomach growled from two miles away as possible to hear. That’s when she dropped.

“Lydia!!” I yelled out, and sat down next to her. “Lydia! Come on! They’re behind us!” “W-Why… Even try anymore…” Lydia was motionless, only her mouth was to move at me. “Lydia, we need to combine our strength and kill them.” I sighed. “We do not have any time to sit here!” Lydia slowly turned her head at me, and smiled. “You’re tougher than me.” She tried to get back up, while I helped her stand again.

I was grabbing onto her keeping her still from falling. Finally, over a few more hours, had something horrible happen. But this was something that even I did not expect. But Lydia did.

As we continued to trot in the trenches searching for the next step of freeing Samantha, Lydia started to groan. She held onto her arm with her other hoof, and looked away from me.

“Lydia. You alright?” I gasped quietly. She replied poorly. “Yeah; just sick.” I tried to approach her to comfort her, but she pushed me back. Her groans had gotten louder, and then she finally began to throw up.

I blocked my ears and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to hear the details of what Lydia was going through. I turned my head and waited for a sign of silence. When I finally turned back to her, she was finished but her face began turning a pale white.

I gasped loudly. “Lydia, please, don’t tell me you’re… becoming one of those things…” I began in worry, my positive face slipping down to my chin.

She took a moment to breathe heavily. Then, she started to talk. “Ever heard of ‘The Flesh’?” She weakfully replied. I nodded my head in disagreement.

“The Flesh is a group of awkward individuals who feast on others instead of actual food. Whenever The Flesh were hungry and knew they could not find food, they ate one of the uninfected people. I used to be part of The Flesh, and so was my brother, before he got eaten by one of the mares in The Flesh. That goddamn girl did that to a special part of my family, and for that, I killed that cannibal, and it angered the entire group. ” She moaned in illness.

I gasped, I had no idea she even had a brother. She sighed, put her head down, and continued. “One day, during The Fleshs travels, I was labeled as a trader of The Flesh for killing that girl, and because of that, they force fed me a zombie corpse.”

I almost began to sob to her story.

“I refused to eat the dead zombie body, for I knew I was going to become an infected zombie doing so. So as they grabbed me and held me down to the ground, they shoved pieces of the corpses’ coat and skin inside my mouth knowing that I was hungry and couldn’t bear to keep all of this flesh in my mouth for long. I eventually swallowed it, and the group than ran off, leaving me by myself here in this dig site. I found four men here a few days later, and they showed me towards survival. They suddenly disappeared the next day, leaving me here alone.”

“Four men? What do you mean, four men? Who were they?” I questioned as Lydia began coughing loudly. “They were… soldiers…. They were hoping to survive too… I saw them… and they looked at me like I was a complete stranger… because to them, in these past years… I am a complete stranger. And soon, I’ll be a complete zombie freak.”

I gasped. “You survived like this for days and now you’re finally…?” “Exactly. We don’t need more zombies like these freaks roaming here, so I stayed for the kills.” She groaned again, and finally began to throw up once more. I blocked my ears and eyes again until she stopped.

“The voices have been killing my head, and I am slowly going insane each day, and I can’t take it anymore…”

I paused then as I had realized something. “But, didn’t I drink your blood? Does that mean I’m infected?” She painfully tried to talk, but the sickness was pulling the cord. “You’re a vampony…. You’re already dead… A smart zombie… it should not affect you…” She coughed again, and finally fell to the floor. I yelled at in panic, and ran to her. “Lydia! Come on! Get up!” She was barely able to respond.

I didn’t know what else to do. My survival friend was dying, and the only choice left was to kill her. It took me a few minutes to see that she was beginning to turn. Her eyes changed to a brighter yellow color, and she was going insane on the ground, which petrified me.

I quickly backed up into the wall with no ammunition in my weapon. And then, I just started running. In moments had I turned arouns to see, she was chasing me.

She was growling, and drueling blood, chasing after me angrily, hoping to rip me apart. I gasped in shock, and continued galloping as fast as I could.

Then, she jumped at me. I could feel her fleshy arm grabbing onto me and knocking me over, tripping me and hurting my fang. I screamed out, hoping there could be a way to escape the new monster.

I continued to try to kick her away, but she had no reaction. She was on my beck holding me down and drueling the plasma on my coat. I was panicking. She stiflingly put her nose up to my ear, and then, she bit it off, hard and brutally.

I screamed bloody murder, the blood that I had from Lydia was squirting out, and it was disgusting and bloody.

Finally, that was when, I had woken up. I jumped up from the sleeping bed, squealing to the terrible nightmare. It was so strange, and scary.

I was a pony, in that dream. And I was running through this strange world, called Origins. My mom had helped me through it, but eventually disappeared. Than this girl approached me and ended up turning into a zombie. The moment I yelped out in my sleep at the sleepover, Samantha and Eddie jumped up startlingly.

“Marissa, are you alright!?” She asked me. I shrugged my shoulders as I looked at her. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. It was just a really weird nightmare.” I looked at my hands, because they were strangely in pain, but there was nothing wrong with them.

“What were you dreaming about?” Eddie replied. “Well, it was… well you’re going to laugh at me.” I tilted my head. “I was a pony named Marisa and I had entered a strange world because the past of my father was in trouble. I kept hearing Samantha crying out for help.”

“Oh,” Sam grinned. “I was kind of having problems with the light last night so I kept calling for help. I don’t like the dark and I needed it fixed.”

“You need to find a way to get rid of your fear of the dark. You’re 13, not 3.” “Be quiet Eddie. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you’re always going to grow out of your fears right away.”

I sighed, and layed my head back down on the soft pillow of where I was before.

“Is Marisa your fan character for My Little Pony?” Sam questioned me quietly as she began herself down as well.

I spoke after finishing my yawn. “Yeah. Her full name is Marisa Ariel Dempsey. She’s the daughter of your character, Tank Dempsey. Remember? We made the agreement in August?”

“Oh, yeah.” She smiled. “Well, we better be getting to bed. Before Eddie tells his dad to dissect our organs because we won’t let him sleep.” “Hey,” He spoke out. “My dad isn’t that bad. He only dissects animals!” Samantha giggled. “Sure.”

Eddie looked at us with a smirk, and then proceeded to bed. Samantha smiled and sighed, and put her arm on mine. “As I said, everything will be okay.” “How do you know? I yawned again, my eyes starting to daze off. She looked up, and gave a small grin.

“My dad has a plan.”

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