"Who are you and what do you want?"
Sex Male
Occupation Cat Group Leader
Breed Unknown
Coat White with Black spots
Age 4 Years
Owner User: AngelinBlack424, User: Mr.Sundowner

Henry is a navy blue and white cat that is the main leader of the group of cats.


Skaye and Henry2

Skaye tripping Henry.

Henry is a navy blue and white cat with a white sweat jacket with blue stripes. He has brown eyes, and he has a self defense gun he carries with him. He has a white stripe spot on his forehead, and a long haired tail. He also has a white left paw, and a gold tooth.


Henry is a very strict and in-command cat that is the main leader. He takes care of what happens, and defends his cat group, even if he has to do it himself. He is a rival of Skaye; they dislike each other. Whenever a cat causes trouble, Henry disciplines them, only to keep the group of cats out of trouble. He refuses to risk the chances of being taken by the kennel, which is what happened to his family a long time ago.


"One sword keeps another in the sheath. Sometimes the threat of violence alone is a deterrent. Sometimes by taking a life, others can be preserved. It's the code the Samurai lived by." Henry on deterrence

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