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=background informationEdit

Hollow Ghosting is a very hard spell that can resurrect spirits and talk to them. The method of ghosting was used by Celestia's guards to speak to recently dead guards to find out where they were killed, who killed them, how long ago they were killed, and if the killer was still nearby.

Navy Thunder Hollow Ghosts to speak to his Brain dead sister, Crimson Lightning. He also taught Twilight Sparkle to Hollow ghost which resulted in numerous failures and a demon being released.


The idea of Hollow Ghosting came from an idea from the smash hit TV show "Doctor Who". The method was based of the episode "Silence in The Library" and "Forest of the Dead" In the episodes, the tenth Doctor meets a group of archaeologist who are exploring an abandoned library the size of a planet. The group all wear special suits that can keep the wearer alive for a short time until they pass on. another Doctor Who reference plays out when Navy finds multiple dead soldiers in a hallway who had been killed by Vamp. When he hollows, the ghost says the line, "who turned out all the lights?". The line originates from the character called "Proper Dave," Who was killed by the Vashta Nerada when they got in his helmet and killed him.

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