Jade Riot RedBlazer
Roxy ----
Jade RedBlazer
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Heavy Metal Dubstep DJ Vocalist for Evil Empire
Eyes Orange
Mane Yellow and Orange Flame
Coat Grey
Relatives Doctor Matthew Halifax (Brother), JT FireBlaze (Deceased Brother)
Cutie mark
Two Lightning Bolts with Wind
Voice Elena Siegman
Owner User:AngelinBlack424

Jade Riot RedBlazer is an orange and gray Earth Pony that lives her life in the enviornment of music.


Jade is a very friendly and ongoing pony in Ponyville. She spends most of her time listening to rock or making small jams in her DJ studio.

Most of the time, Roxie is a very well mannered pony, but she does not like other ponies bothering her. Most of her time, she enjoys being alone, and creates songs from her DJ Set, making remixes and Dubstep mixes.
File:Request of Ruby Human2.png

Trading Card CaptionEdit

"Want to listen to a good jam? Jade Riot RedBlazer is the second biggest rock musician in Ponyville. Hosting many music parties and writing many music, this mare is one to certainly be royal! Just, be careful. She can get moody; She enjoys being alone many times of the day..."


Before Jade grew into a full grown mare and had joined Evil Empire, her name was Nickole InfaRed. She had legally changed her name in order to pretend she was never the daughter of Theodore InfaRed.

Jade first had appeared in My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures as a newcomer to Ponyville. She had first refused to talk to anyone, but Marisa got her to think otherwise with many annoying requests during the day.

Rewinding back into her history, she was always inspired by music her entire life. She had gotten her cutie mark after discovering her destiny to be as a Dubstep DJ as well as discovering her born special abilities as well.


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