Vocaloid Jameron

Jameron after her Imaginary Friend days were over.

Jameron Abigail Cooper
is a very sneaky and cruel sexually diseased woman who enjoys mentally trolling and torturing ones such as User: Agent Nikolai and User:Nic11rocker. that was originally an imaginary friend of EpicPonyDrawings. She enjoys annoying the daylights out of Agent Nikolai and his friends. Her original name was Sandra Cooper until EpicPony began to grow up. After Epic grew up to be a teenager and didn't need her imaginary friend, Sandra grew angry and ran off with depression. She than changed her appearance, and renamed herself as Jameron. Since Jameron is half imaginary, she has the ability to create poisons and drugs too inhuman to be possible of being created by other people. She is also very sexually active, and being imaginary she feels she "doesn't need to stop, because it won't harm her." She has two boyfriends, Named PervyJustin (the perverted counterpart of User: Agent Nikolai), and a pony named Discord Nic11 (when Jameron is a pony). She had previously been arrested twice.

Younger YearsEdit

When Jameron was first created, her name was Sandra. She had a big yellow beak on her face, big blue eyes, a fox tail, a ponytail, two knives the shape of Clothinghangers, and wings being able to grow out of her back.

She was originally the Fan Character for the video game series Sly Cooper,

Jameron before the Corruption. "Sandra Cooper".

and was Sly's annoying cousin. She was EpicPony's best friend when she was just a little kid, from 5 years old to 11, and when Epic finally grew up, Sandra noticed that Epic was beginning to do things on her own. Finally, Sandra grew depressed and lonely, and than finally ran off in anger. She (unexplainably) changed her entire appearance, making her less ugly than she felt. She had gotten rid of her unlikely animal features and had turned her into a completely attractive female killing machine.

Ever since than, she had tortured and annoyed all of Epic's best friends and boyfriends who she had felt replaced her, as well as make fun of Epic. Epic always feels like she is going to miss 'Sandra'.

DN X Jameron

Pony Jameron with Discord Nic11. Picture by Nic11rocker. Base used.

Jameron in EquestriaEdit

When Jameron decides to live in Ponyville, she has a pegasus pony counterpart of the same name that allows her to roam in Equestria. She also has a pony boyfriend named Discord Nic11, mentioned above, who enjoys her wicked tricks and "shows". However, she does not visit Equestria often.

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