Karlyle Vladimir
"You need help with something, my friend?"
Kind Werepony, Earth Pony
Sex Hermaphrodite
Occupation Werepony Leader, Doctor, Richtofen's Best Friend
Eyes Faded Gray, Darker White
Mane Brown
Coat Red
Nicknames Karlai, Vlad
Relatives Unknown
Cutie mark
Purple Diamonds with Black blood
Owner User: AngelinBlack424

"Karlyle is the most beautiful man on Earth... Or is it the Most Handsome woman?"

- Richtofen explaining Karlyle to Marisa

Karlyle Vladimir is a Purple and dark earth Werepony that is the leader of a werepony clan and is a doctor. He is best friends with Edward Richtofen, and he is also a good friend of Mark. His first appearance is in the Hard to Deceive: The Bleeding short story. He is mostly addressed as he, due to his male snout and name.


Karlyle Vladimir is a very smart and wise werepony who always is approached for advice, and he was the first to be approached by Marisa to explain what vamponies were in the story (Introduced above). Karlyle also can solve mysteries easily.

Karlyle is mostly just notified as a 'He', due to his male snout and how he is named.


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  • His name comes from the vampire "Carlisle" in the Twilight Saga. It has the same pronounciation but is spelled differently.


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