"Edy! Big Brother! I haven't seen you in forty years!"' - Katana to her
Katana Von


"She's a maniac, Dempshey! Don't go near her!" - Richtofen explaining Katana to Dempsey

Katana Von Richtofen is a very friendly but annoying Pegasus who is the little sister of Edward Richtofen. She wears a Blue and Gray german outfit, with blue hoof glooves and a german styled mane and tail, and she is also diagnosed with ADHD.


She had a crush on Seargent Dempsey, but had she found out that Richtofen is already married to him. After Katana had yelled at Richtofen for the secrets he hadn't told her, Katana met Lightning Strike, and began to tease him. She believes he looks funny, and so enjoys annoying him, especially in front of his girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle. Katana had a small crush on Lightning, and she hates Twilight. However, after Katana had attempted to destroy the wedding of Twilight and Lightning, she was finally begged to realize that Lightning was not her special somepony. She gave up and felt too depressed to talk. Than, Shorty after, she had met a very antisocial and scared pony named Electrode. Lightning and Twilight thought that Katana would be the perfect pony to help Electrode and befriend him, and so Katana and Electrode became close friends. After Electrode explained about his Abusive Stepfather, Katana was so angered that she had spread a disease all throughout Baltimare (His family's childhood town) in hopes of killing The stepfather. At the same time, Electrode began to crush on her. Poisoning all in Baltimare certainly did not help, for his mother still lives in Batimare.


  • There was a mentioning about Richtofen having a little sister in the Call of Duty series, however nothing was told about her other than how "Richtofen always enjoyed destroying her toy dolls she had."


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