"Life is all trial and error." - Kenzith

Kind Android Earth Pony
Sex Male (In Appearance)
Occupation Vampony Hunter
Eyes Lighter Violet
Mane Violet
Coat Pale White
Nicknames Kenny, Ken
Relatives Doctor Matthew Halifax (Creator/Brother)
Cutie mark
Purple Star
Owner User: AngelinBlack424

"Its okay miss, life is all trial and error. This whole ordeal is just knowledge of what to do in the future. If you doubt it, you may never have known what would have happened. Yes the outcome was not good, but you went with progress rather then fear. That is maturity." - Kenzith


Kenzith is a white and purple android pony that was created by a doctor named Matthew Halifax. Kenzith's purpose was to aid Matthew when it comes to his work, and to converse with any of Matthew's acquaintances, since he himself is unable to speak.


Kenzith was based off of Matthew's brother, JT FireBlaze, a pony that he held in high regard. After JT's death, Matthew grew so depressed that he decided to creat an android version of JT, so that he would not be alone. He named it Kenzith, so that he would not have to remember the pony that he based Kenzith on.


  • Kenzith is based off of the creators exboyfriend/Best friend JT.
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