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It's just gotta be (My destiny)
"It's just gotta be, my destiny!" -Pastel, Neon, Surprise, Elusive, and Holly Dash.
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date 11/25/13
Written by User:Gfallsfan
Directed by User:Gfallsfan
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Your Worst Nightmare (Part 2) TBA


Misty May remembers her vow of revenge and tries to take it out on her fellow ponyvillans. She runs to her sister Twilight's library and steals her spell book, then performs Starswirl the bearded's destiny spell. She ends up ruining her rivals cutie marks and destinies, much to her delight. Twilight finds this out and helps the mares get their destinies back, using her new creations, the Elements of Disharmony. Elusive, the element of greed, Surprise, the element of anger, Pastel, the element of lies, Holly Dash, the element of betrayel, and Misty May, the element of Dark magic. Misty May yells at Twilight for ruining her revenge plan, and she disowns Twilight as her sister.


Twilight Sparkle   Elusive

Misty May           Pastel

Bomber               Holly Dash

Neon               Surprise


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