Your Worst Nightmare Part One
"The day means NOTHING. It destroys your soul; the night brings sweet nightmares. With that said, the Night shall last FOREVER!" -Nightmare Moon
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 11/24/13
Written by User:Gfallsfan
Directed by User:Gfallsfan
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Your Worst Nightmare (Part 1)Edit

"Your Worst Nightmare (Part 1)" was written by User:Gfallsfan. It is the pilot of My Little Pony: Rivalry is magic.


Misty May      Surprise

Elusive           Pastel

Neon              Nightmare Moon

Holly Dash     Bomber


Misty May recieves a quest from Nightmare Moon to "travel to ponyville and meet new rivals after she has cast the eternal night." Misty May happily agrees and travels with her pet dragon Bomber. She meets Surprise, who's first reaction is "Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in." Misty May insulted Surprise by saying, "Only a dumb-witted earth pony would say something like that." Surprise then goes into Depression mode. Misty May sticks her tounge out and happily trots away with Bomber. Later, she walks into Elusive's clothing shop. She calls every dress and acessory "Not even fit for a mule," which angers Elusive, and ends up getting Misty May kicked out of the boutique. Misty May, angered, says "One more second in there and I would've puked, anyways." Elusive slams the door in Misty May's face and says "Don't come back. EVER!" Bomber asks "what the heck's her problem?" and Misty May says "I dunno." Holly Dash crashes into Misty May, and Misty May yells "Hey, watch where you're going, doofus!" Holly Dash flies in front of her, blocking her path, and asks Misty May to repeat it to her face. Misty May rolls her eyes and says insultingly, "Get outta the way, loser. Oh yeah, nice cloudwork. Who ya doin' it for? A troll?" Pastel and Neon are walking through the Everfree forest when they encounter Misty May and Bomber. Misty May causes an argument, and Pastel and Neon, formerly friends become bitter rivals. The first part ends with half of Misty May's face smirking with Pastel and Neon arguing in the background. Misty May states, "My work here is just getting started," and the screen says "To Be Continued."


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