Your Worst Nightmare Pt. 2
"You must think I am a fool. Well, you may be right. But you are more of a fool than I am." -Nightmare Moon
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 11/24/13
Written by User:Gfallsfan
Directed by User:Gfallsfan
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Your Worst Nightmare (Part One) It's just gotta be (My destiny)

Your Worst Nightmare (Part Two)Edit

"Your Worst Nightmare (Part 2)" was written by User:Gfallsfan. It is the second part to the pilot of MLP:RIM.


Misty May      Surprise

Elusive           Pastel

Neon              Nightmare Moon

Holly Dash     Bomber



The episode starts out with a quick 30 second clip of the previous episode with the titlecard "Previously, On Rivalry is Magic." It then shows Nightmare Moon entering Equestria with a sudden flash of lightning. All the ponies but Misty May and Bomber are Startled. Nightmare Moon walks over to Misty May and calls her her "student." The ponies are shocked. They try to defeat Nightmare moon but their actions are useless. Then, Celestia comes and defeats Nightmare Moon. Misty May tries to save her mentor, and before Celestia banishes Nightmare Moon to the Moon, she says "Continue your work. Look up to the skies." Celestia then uses her magic to banish Nightmare moon to the Moon. Misty May yells at Celestia, "I will get my revenge!" She then runs into the woods with Bomber, crying.  The ponies stare as she runs into the woods. Later, Misty May looks up at the moon, and the mare in the moon seems to wink at her. Misty may smiles and cries as Bomber walks up to her.


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