Mikayla Hysteria
Mikailya Hysteria
"Yay! I was mailed a guide to Getting a Life!" - Mikayla
Kind Pegasus, Vampire Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Gray
Mane Black and Dark Magenta
Coat White (Black Wings)
Nicknames Katie (Known Name)
Relatives Winter's Howl (Uncle), Scar Helvenberg(Cousin), Nickolai Antonio Bloodgood(Cousin)
Cutie mark
Purple Heart and Scroll
Owner User:AngelinBlack424
Template:AngelinBlack Property

"Yay! Wait... what were we talking about again?" - Mikayla


Mikayla Hysteria is a white coated vampony pegasus with a very hyper attitude. Much like Pinkie Pie, she is very free to express herself, and she enjoys hanging out with Pinkie Pie and attending her parties. She also has poor memory, and forgets what others are saying to her.

Being a Vampony, Mikayla does not like to hurt the ponies of Ponyville by drinking their blood. She is very caring of other mortal ponies, and so chooses to drink blood from other animals such as deer or bunnies, but she hides this fact from Fluttershy, as she is her friend even though she does not know she is a vampony.

Most of Mikayla's pack of vamponies dislike her. They see her as 'Immature and unwilling to be a vampony'. They try to get her away from the pack as much as they can, but she always continues to come back.


Mikayla had always lived with her pack of vamponies. When Mikayla formed as a vampony she had mysteriously been charmed to be able to survive living without drinking any blood. So Mikayla always chose to be friendly and never hurt anypony. This caused her pack to be extremely angry, assuming that Mikayla 'Is a mortal wannabe', and that she is too mortal to be a vampony. They left her whenever they could, and thought that she was 'the most annoying vampony to ever live'. Mikayla, being upset by the comment, ran to Ponyville, and quickly forgot about her pack when she finally met Rosie Black, who was part of the band The Destroyers. They automatically became good friends, until finally the vamponies found out about this event. They grew so fed up with Mikayla that they decided to find and hunt down Rosie themselves as bait for the pack. When they finally confronted and took Rosie, they threatened harm against all of Ponyville and swore that they would drink the blood from her. Rosie mentioned to the pack that her blood was poisonous, and Mikayla jumped in the way. She yelled at them to leave, and so the pack of vampires sighed and ran away, finally telling Mikayla and Rosie that they would return and feast on everypony in Ponyville.


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