Mistress Bellaheart
Mistress Bellaheart
The Corrupted soul of Rosaline Betreica Dempsey
Kind Corrupted Spirit
Sex Female
Occupation Haunted Ghost
Eyes Grey
Mane Teal Blue
Coat Light Teal
Nicknames Mistress Bellaheart (Current Name), Rosaline Betreica Dempsey(Living Undeceased name)
Relatives Tank Dempsey (Husband)
Living Self Rosaline Betreica Dempsey
Cutie mark
Voice Mulakah
Owner User:AngelinBlack424

"I am running, from something I'm becoming. Unstoppable. And I'm coming from the something I am running from, becoming one." - "Always Running" in Buried

Mistress Bellaheart is the corrupted soul of Rosaline Betreica Dempsey, and she is part of the Hard to Believe series. In the story, Misstress Bellaheart hides in a large home where the second time machine is located. Coming from there, Bellaheart hopes that one day, her husband Seargent Tank Dempsey will visit the home so that she can possess and 'kill' his soul to bring her with him.


Mistress Bellaheart is a ghostly figure of a tall pony with no backhooves, showing that she floats. She has a long black dress with very fainted comflauge designs, and her hair is white with the same mane and tail designs as Rosaline Dempsey, except Mistress' hair being longer.


40 years ago, Rosaline Betreica Dempsey, the living body of Misstress Bellaheart, had two new foals named Marisa Ariel and Wonder Muffin. There, Rosaline was than confronted by Takeo, a japanese warrior soldier who teamed with her husband and two others, and was told that she was being condemned by the voices of Samantha Maxis, therefore, she must be killed. Rosaline grew in fear, but she saw in Takeo's eyes that he didn't want to do it but had to. So Rosaline allowed this to proceed. Rosaline died soon later by the event after Dempsey took the two foals to the present time through a time machine.

When 30 years past the time, Rosaline's soul was possessed by the voices that were condemning, and her spirit converted to terror. The new spirit of Rosaline stepped into the present time, and than hid in the same house as the second time machine she had went through layed.

The ponies in Ponyville named her Mistress Bellaheart, believing that going into the home that she lays in could cause a pony to become haunted for a very long time.

Rosaline still waits for her husband to enter the home and step into the life of the condemned ghost, however for many years, still, nothing had come


  • Mistress Bellaheart is a big reference to the Mistress in the Call of Duty: Zombies Map "Buried"; both staying in a building and waiting to haunt others if someone dares to enter the house.
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