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Misty May

Mistymay (2)
"I do so love causing problems." -Misty May

"Of course! Not..." -Misty May

"Now I have the power to CRUSH Celestia! BWA HA HA HA!!!!" -Misty May

Kind Unicorn/Human/Alicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Student of Nightmare Moon/ Master of Dark Magic/ Creator of the Changelings/ Princess of Nightmare Kingdom (Realm)
Eyes Purple
Mane Magenta
Coat Aqua
Nicknames Mist, May, M.M.
Relatives Twilight Sparkle (Twin), Shining Armor (Brother), Night Light (Father), Twilight Velvet (Mother), Cadence (Sister-in-law)
Rivals Elusive, Pastel, Neon, Surprise, Celestia, Twilight, Holly Dash.
Shows My Little Pony: Rivalry is Magic
Cutie mark
Black and silver star.
Voice User:Gfallsfan
Owner User:Gfallsfan

Life in CanterlotEdit

Misty May was born in Canterlot with her twin sister, Twilight Sparkle. As a baby, she would use dark magic to trouble Twilight. She fled to the Nightmare forests and met Nightmare Moon who offered to be her mentor. Misty may happily agreed. She studied dark magic and dark spells. Eventually, she became a master and moved back to Canterlot. She occasionaly wrote letters to Nightmare Moon about the problems she began to cause. Nightmare moon was proud of Misty May. 


Nightmare moon then sent Misty May on a quest to ponyville to "meet new rivals." Misty May agreed, and began causing problems for each of the ponies. Celestia found out about this, and Nightmare Moon's recent spell about eternal night. Celestia banished Nightmare Moon, and Misty May vowed revenge. She fled into the Everfree forest, and using dark magic, turned herself into an alicorn and built her Dark kingdom. She created the Nightmares, changeling like creatures that looked like each of ponyville's residents. 


Twilight SparkleEdit

Misty May has hated her twin sister since birth. She is always trying to get Twilight into sticky situations.

Shining ArmorEdit

Misty May hates her big brother as well. She never really got to know him, that is one of the main reasons why.

Nightmare MoonEdit

Misty May always felt comfortable around Nightmare Moon. When Celestia banished Nightmare Moon to the moon, Misty May immeadiatley vowed revenge and fled to the Everfree forest. Every night, she would look to the sky in hope of seeing her mentor in the moon. She was always there.


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