Misty Poisonelic
New Misty Poisenelic
Misty Poisonelic
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Light Purple
Mane Black and Purple
Coat White
Relatives Scar Tooth (Sister)
Cutie mark
Black flower, purple liquid dripping from Rose
Owner AngelinBlack424


Misty is the younger sister of Scar Tooth and good friends with most of the ponies in ponyville, Being Best Friends with Fluttershy.


Long ago, Misty was Scar Tooth's little sister, and was said in the narration that Misty had gotten very sick, and was spoiled by all of Ponyville. The jealus of Scar Tooth made her feel like she was ignored, and started terririzing whoever went close to Misty. Misty was scared of her bigger sister and hid from the outside. One luckfilled day, Princess Celestia herd of her big sister, and shrunk her down into the size of Misty. This caused Scar tooth's anger to be very increased. Now, Misty lives in her small home, watching animals roam around and Ponies work on the clouds. Scar Tooth now pretends that she had lost her memory in the event of the transformation, causing Misty to be less scared, however Misty still shows some fear of her.

Personality & AttitudeEdit

Misty is very shy and is afraid of her sister, Scar Tooth.She spends ethier her time in her house with her pet rat, Sebastian, or staying over Fluttershy's house.She seems to enjoy nature, and mostly watches the animals roam in Fluttershy's house.

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