My Little Pony: The Invasion of Greenago is a series of fanmade episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, about the days in Ponyville of Greenago the "perfectly normal" Earth Pony. It has 3 seasons, and a ton, here me, A TON of antagonists.

My Little Pony: The Invasion of Greenago




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Season 1Edit

Title Ep.
The Doominess Beggins 1
A strange Pony named Greenago arrives in Ponyville, creating, well, a new era of doom in the town, but an insane, screeming Pony named Gib suspects him to be extraterrrestrial. What will Greenago do?
Precious Doom 2

Greenago finds a strange object, and, well, he uses it to try to destroy Ponyville...OF COURSE, so Gib has to stop him...AGAIN.

Rise of the Space Idiots 3
Greenago discovers a race more idiotic than even the bunnies, and so now wants to destroy him before they ruin his conquest of Equestria by replacing his techology with food. Sounds delishous!
Brainsucking Grood Bats! 4
Brainsucking Grood Bats terrorize Equestria when an object that puts them in a trance lands on the planet. Greenago will have to get the object off Planet Equestria before the brainthirsty insects drive him insane!
Cloudy with a Chance of Doom 5
When Queen Durbonica, queen of the Mutoid Ponies, plots to conquer Equestria by creating a lightning storm with bolts of lightning that turn Ponies into her Mutoid zombies, Greenago vows to stop her so that HE can conquer Equestria. He apparently has to ally with Gib to do this.
Cockiness of Doom 6
When a comedian Pony named Faulty Derp comes to Ponyville bragging about being funnier than Greenago, Greenago gets the feeling that he might have once met Faulty Derp and that Faulty may have a grudge on him for something, but he's in for a big surprise.
Maulfunction Within 7
What's that in the sky? A bird! A plane! Rainbow Dash! Your face! Superpony! Nope, all of those are wrong. It's an army of maulfuntioning robots built by The GIR Organization, and they're here to goof around with weapons until they accidentally destroy everything. But Greenago and Gib would rather they not destroy Equestria, and so now they're gonna try to stop them. The end.
Gloom of Doom 8
Oh, no! There's this flower thing that's making everypony go all...gloomy, 'n' stuff! Whatever shall we do? Ooh, I know! Let's send Greenago to fix things!
I've Got a Tree and I'm Not Afraid to Use It! 9
Gib accidentally poors chemicals into the Everfree Forest, causing all the trees to come alive and attack Ponyville while Greenago, completely unaware of what is happening, relaxes in his house. Gib will have to stop these wooden menaces alone before they destroy Equestria!
Title ???
Nets of Doom 10
This guy with a bunch of nets plots to conquer Equestria by stealling all the residents using the nets. Does Greenago like this? No. Is he gonna try to stop it so that he can conquer Equestria? Yes.
Why Has Thou Failed Me?! 11

Greenago discovers a strange, ocult creature in the Everfree Forest, and so takes it home and makes it his secondary minion, only to find out that it is horrible at conquering things, and it betrays him.

The Mare who Cried "Doom" 12

Queen Durbonica plots revenge on Greenago and Gib by trapping Daz, Gib's sister, and Barc in holes. Greenago and Gib are gonna have to stop Queen Durbonica from conquering Equestria...AGAIN.

Rise of the Idiot Builders 13
The GIR Organization sends a new army of newer and more maulfuntoning robots to destroy Equestria. Greenago and Gib, on the other hand, have other plans.
Three Horrible Tales of Doom 14
Barc in his Xenomorph costume has come to tell you three spooky Halloween tales of doom!
You're Crackin' Me Up...Literally 15
When Greenago plans to destroy the Ponies of Ponyville by telling jokes that make cracks appear in their bodies, Gib gets suspicious and tries to stop him.
Cupcakes of Doom 16
Greenago starts working at Sugar Cube Corner, and invents "Cupcakes of Doom" that will hypnotise anyone who eats them to do his bidding.
It Feeds on Timbers 17
Greenago creates a wood eating monster to go eat Ponies' houses, but it backfires when it goes and eats all of Greenago's Timberwolf expirements, as well as developing an apetite for meat. Greenago will have to destroy it before it eats him!
Forgetfulness of Doom 18
When Gib catches an extremely contageous disease called Forgetfulness, it rubs off on everypony else, so him and Greenago will have to find the cure, and fast.
Queen of Nothingness 19
Queen Durbonica is informed that her base's rent is up and she has to pay 267$ to her landlord. Things get worse for her when she realizes everything she has that makes up her empire is either stolen or rented. She's losing everything! She's litterally the queen of nothingness!
1,001 Doomnamitarks 20

Greenago discovers the Doomnamitarks, a race of aliens driven by hate, and decides to ally them. What a bad idea that turns out to be. 

Never Saw That Coming 21

For the first time in a while, Gib has successfully managed to make a proper chemical, unfortunately, it has resulted in a giant squid raging across Equestria. Successfull. Right. 

The Malfunction Strikes Back 23
The GIR Organization finds a giant box full of Irken SIR Units, so they decide to make these SIRs malfunctionig and send them to Equestria. 
Kaboom of Doom 24
Loomy Kaboomy arrives in Equestria with a bomb attack in attempt to conquer it. Greenago decides it's time to get a new ally! Yep, you guessed it. 
These! 25
The Giants, a race of giant ants from another dimension, end up in Equestria. So now they're running around accidently crushing everything, until Greenago and Gib decide to step in and help them get back to their dimension. 
Invisibility of Doom 26
Greenago turns himself invisible and sneaks into the royal palace to take it for himself, and he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for that horrible, inferiating Gib and his own invisibilty claok thingy! 
The Bug that Squashes Back: Part 1 27
Eris, the spiritess of chaos, is unleashed when a few travelers stupidly summon her. What does Greenago do? They team up to finally conquer Planet Equestria.
The Bug that Squahes Back: Part 2 28
Gib and Celestia attempt to launch Eris back into space, but apparently no one but Gib notices that Greenago is in an alliance with her. How surprising. 

Season 2Edit

Title No. 
A Front-Row Seat to Doom: Part 1 1
Greenago devises his newest plan, to unleash an army of brain-eating parasites on Equestria, but at the same time, he has to deal with the Resisty and the last Meekrob in the Universe, who have devised a plan to take control of the Massive's power core and destroy all Irken Invaders.
A Front-Row Seat to Doom: Part 2 2

Gib has allied with the last of the Meekrob, and Greenago must stop them from ruining Irken conquest before it's too late!

Koala's Well, It Ends Well 3

An abandoned koala from the planet Earth lands on Planet Equestria, with Gib having to take care of it. How unfortunte that is for him.

Rise of the Droppers 4
An advanced race of aliens known as the Droppers arrive on Equestria, leaving Greenago and Gib to stop them from taking Equestria.
It Came from Planet Irk 5
Greenago goes on a journey into the upper floor of the Weather Factory and finds that the dark stories are wrong, and that there is something there that can put his entire invasion of Planet Equestria in jepourdy.
Super Squeezy Doomy Plot of Doom 6
Greenago gets a new plot to conquer the planet, by building a giant robotic squeezer to squeez the planet's molten core right out. But Gib steps up to foil this.
Journey to the Center of the Doomed 7
When Greenago is infected by a terrifyingly deadly disease, he must control a tiny probe to go inside his body and defeat this horrible plague!
A Slice of Moosy Fate 8
Greenago creates an army of cyborg mooses to do his bidding, but apparently they turn on him, causing him to have to destroy his own creations again.

Return of the Mutoids

Queen Durbonica returns with a new scheme; to nuke Canterlot and say that she was trying to stop the nuke. Greenago and Gib have to stop her from nuking Canterlot and becoming the new princess.


The Foodening 10
The Foodening, a legendary Equestrian feast, is coming, and Greenago fears this might result in his exposure.
Idiot Robots Return Again 11

The GIR Organization creates an army of giant, malfunctioning robot trashcans to end Equestria for good. 

Pitty Little Fillies  12

The school  goes on a feildtrip to the Chrystal Empire, where Greenago is studying Chrystal Ponies. Will the little idiots discover Greenago's secret?

This Means War! 13
Greenago declares war on an alien race known as the Trivatox.
Wacky, Inflammable Arm-Frailing Ponies 14
Greenago kidnapps all the Chrystal Ponies and replaces them with robotics to take control of the Chrystal Empire. 
Irkens in Equestria 15
Irken Commander Lorkz arrives in Equestria, leading Greenago to harvour him and his crew until their ship is repaired.
Rain of Pain 16
Queen Durbonica creates rain that causes excruiciating pain in attempt to take over Equestria. Greenago and Gib will have to stop her
Revenge of the Nets 17
The guy with the nets returns plotting his revennge on Greenago.
Doomo Boomo 18
Doomo Boomo just came in town and he wants to blow up everything for no reason. Gib is gonna have to stop him.
Exposed 19
Idiotic Ponies encounter Greenago and discover that he is Irken. What do they do? They worship him, of course!
Here Thar Be Malfunction 20

The GIR Organization creates an army of malfunctioning robot dawrfs to dig under Equestria and destroy it from bellow.

24 Hours to Doom 21

Greenago and Gib must work together to save the planet before Ego Kaboomy, Loomy Kaboomy's brother, blows it up.

Mutoids in the Sky 23
Queen Durbonica sends a giant robot into the sky to drop bombs on Equestria. Greenago and Gib will need to destroy it.
Invasion of the Body Smashers 24
A alien race arrives and starts smashing everyting. What does Greenago do? He's gonna destroy them. Duh.
I Don't Like It! 25
Greenago decides, "I don't like it!" about the palace, and attempts to destroy it multiple times.
Back to the Deuture 26
While searching for his own origins in a time seeing object called the Deuture, Gib gets sucked back in time and learns the origin of the Irken Empire.
A Rhymey Rise from Beyond the Skies: Part 1 27
Prepo, emperor of the Puppet Master race, comes to Planet Equestria and launches a full-scale invasion. Greenago and Gib will have to stop him.
A Rhymey Rise from Beyond the Skies: Part 2 28
Greenago and Gib must defeat Prepo and his empire before it's too late!

Season 3Edit

The Day of the Doomy Virus: Part 1 1
Vaatu has returned, with his new schemes up! But the Resisty and Meekrob have made a deal with him, that if he aids them in their plans to create a virus that infects an Irken's PAK and disable the Empire, they will aid him in his plans. Greenago must stop them before it's too late!
The Day of the Doomy Virus: Part 2 2

As the Doomy Virus spreads around the Irken Empire, Greenago finds out that the virus can be disabled if a big button Lard Nar has is pressed. He must get into the flagship, fiind Lard Nar, and end this horrible day once and for all!

Nightmare Night Invasion of Doom 3

On Nightmare Night, Greenago and Gib are sucked into the vicious Nightmare Dimension, where they encounter their horrible Nightmare counterparts. What a bummer. 

Water You Gonna Do Now? 4
Greenago plans to cause a tsunami that will destroy Equestria. But when Queen Durbonica steals this plan for herself, Greenago and Gib have to stop her...AGAIN.
Confusion 5
Greenago creates a virus that will make anyone who is infected with it confused at everything, so confused that they will destroy themselves. However, it goes horribly wrong and starts a zombie apocolypse. Perfect time for Greenago and Gib to team up.
The Notice of Doom 6
Gib notices how obvious it is when Greenago is up to somethig, and so starts foiling his plans much easier. Greenago, angered by this, goes back in time to stop him from ever having this notice of doom. What a fail that turns out to be. 
D is for Doom 7
Greenago finds a way to control fillies by saying "the D word". He, of course, commands them to invade Equestria.
Mane and Machine 8
The GIR Organization builds a giant robot Pony to stomp on Equestria, leaving Greenago and Gib to try and stop it. 
Darkness Found: Part 1 9
Ti Raal returns from the depths of darkness, seeking to rise the legendary Darkness Keeper and destroy the Universe. 
# # Title ???
Darkness Found: Part 2 10
Greenago and Gib manage to stop Ti Raal's forces, learnig that he will be back.
City of Walls and Idiots 11
Greenago and Gib get stuck in a dragon city, where there are a bunch of walls and idiotic people.
If Pigs Could Fly 12

Dr. Henry von Doom, an insane scientist, creates a flying pig, and then another, and then another, and then another, until he has an army of flying pigs, which he uses to attack Equestria.

They Took My Spleen! 13
Queen Durbonica makes a "Spleen Machine", which will change anything it touches into a spleen.
The Summer Sun Invasion 14
The Summer Sun Celebration has arrived! And Greenago is laying low. Next thing they know, aliens invade, leaving Greenago and Gib to stop them.
Gryphons 15
Greenago gets stuck in a Gryphon city, where he has to survive their dangerous and strict customs.
Recipe for Distruction 16
Greenago gives Pinkie Pie a "gift". What is this gift? A recipe for Cupcakes of Doom! Only instead of brainwashing you, they make you EXPLODE! Scary, huh?
Doomy Labor of Doom 17
Greenago gets a job at Sweet Apple Acres, and starts ploting to destroy Applejack.
Return to the Deuture 18
Gib reobtains the Deuture, this time looking into his ancestory and discovering the life of his great, great grandfather.
# # Title ???
Nuclear Wars Suck! 19
The Gryphons declare war on Equestria! How? By dropping bombs on Canterlot. They're nuking Equestria and this war is worse than ever! Ha! You totally fell for it! It's just Greenago and Gib watching a movie about that exact thing.
Power of the Mutoids: Part 1 20

Queen Durbonica invades Equestria! The Mutoids reveal their new power and some other stuff, as Greenago and Gib must find their weakness and learn their history to defeat them!

Power of the Mutoids: Part 2 21

Getting tired of fighting, Greenago and Gib learn the full history of the Mutoids and learn how to defeat them! But Queen Durbonica has a special surprise for them...

Sleepless in Outer Space 23
Greenago launches Gib into space! Gib must make his way back and stop Greenago's latest plan!
Nice Doggy! 24
Greenago creates a giant dog to destroy Ponyville.
A Pony and an Irken 25
Greenago captures a Pony and goes through a giant blob of trouble trying to compare it to an Irken.
Doomy Dooms of Doom 26
Greenago creates several giant monsters.
Master Plan of Insanity: Part 1 27
The GIR Organisation has come up with their master plan! They've created an army of liquid metal robots that will destroy ANYTHING! They're more powerful than any other of the GO's robots! Greenago and Gib must stop them!
Master Plan of Insanity: Part 2 28
Greenago and Gib struggle to fight the robots, while the GIR Organisation prepares to detonate a nuclear bomb right under Equestria!
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