What is NTN? Edit

NTN is a fan-made story I, Nic11rocker, am affiliated with. NTN is a ponified version of the unfamous RWBY. The main characters are: Necro, a pegasus who has a bad history with his birth dad and lived with his grandparents; Ninx, a earth pony who wants to fly and has an explosive personality; and Thorn, a smart and stubborn pony who trys to hard to be the best she can be.

Art of the seriesEdit

More About NTNEdit

NTN takes place at a school who's prime mission is to train their students to fight the evil of Equestria. These ponies go thru test of knowledge and abilities and train with their weapons. Our main Character's weapons are: Ninx, potions; Thorn, a chain syth in her braided tail; and Necro, hoof blades.

Chapters that are done:Edit

  1. Chapter 1 Released on March 5th 2014
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