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" please don't call me Noxa, please call me MAD SCIENCE!"



You could easily notice Noxa, because she wear nothing but big bright white lab coat with few notebooks hanging out by pockets with big funky goggle on top of Noxa's head  and a unique colored socks on back legs that nopony know what colors is it  with orange and brown mix  for mane/tail with light brown coat and Noxa is unicorn with light blue eyes

Noxa is easy ongoing and talktaive pony, and perfer to focus on science more than anything so if you need any question about science, Noxa is your pony


Noxa is one of first quadruple foal that came out mother's stomach,  Noxa's first time watched television was science channel  and loved it so she grew up obessing about science and finally took her's first science lesson at age 8 and lessons ended at age 12 because mother have to move to ponyville.

Noxa was upset at first and then realized that ponyville HAD no science pony or whatever so she decided to  become First science pony IN ponyville at age 14.

And found one old house that nopony live in it near twilight's home and turn it into a class for everypony who want to learn about science and upstair was Noxa's home until home was destroyed by pack of parasprities in season 1 eposide 10: Swarn of the Century  so she had nowhere to live in nor a place to teach ponies about science.

Then realized that she had 2 brothers and 1 sister that live in Canterlot and moved there then suddently became Princess celestia's best science pony at age 15 then unexpectly met shining armor and princess cadence with mane 6 then later discovered a cure for cutie mark pox, along with many things that didn't discovered before include strange colors,cures,and mysteriously potions.


Noxa without lab coat and being covered by blanket on left

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