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Want a check up I promise I will heal you

Psycho Is a new type of Pscyho doctor pony who likes to help you but most dont like him.


Psycho started out as a pony named Carvit Alane. He was a very weathy pony with a very weathy family who always was nice to everypony. He was liked by everypony and had a few friends until he met a griffon. The griffon made his life hell and bullied him to no end till one day carvit had enough. Carvit then poisoned the griffons family then he was arrested for 2 months. After he was released Most ponies started to hate him and beat him up. It was horrible to happen but the next time he was hit he fell down 3 flights of stairs. He woke up in the hospital with stiches all over and had to wear a face mask to hide his deformation.

After all his happenings he went to become a doctor and succeded. He then became the world's best doctor to heal others even though he had his stiches. One day while sleeping in his home he was teleported to pinkie pie's home which then she cut him up. She then brought him back to life and then sent him on his way but nopony knew about what happened and he went on his way but found out he was sent to a world that had only corrupted ponies which then in turn adorded him and liked him for what he was like. He then went on to murder ponies constantly until pinkamena and twilight came by and sent him to a ponyville where he could restart. They didnt like him at first but got used to him and now he heals all ponies.

Likes and DislikesEdit


Pinkamena, blood lots and lots of blood, the undead, Murdershy, Twilight,rainbow dash, applejack, little miss rarity, experimenting, rotten food.


Clean areas, No bloody areas, Vamponies, wereponies.

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