" aww look at this old broken computer, dont worry papa will get you up and running"  - Risatu


Risatu is one of last foal that came out the mother's stomach of quadruple, Noxa were only pony who would stand up for Risatu to his siblings  but they would call him  Runt,shrimp,etc

One day, Risatu was messing around mother's computer and accidently hacked in his siblings's computer from mother's computer  and got computer hacker cutie mark right away

Risatu realized that cutie mark mean his true alibity and decide to not waste it and enjoying hacking in ponies's computer then look through ponies's personal stuffs and make money by build his own private booth in everfree forest,

It was supposely for ponies who want to know more personal stuffs about other pony, but mostly vilians would come and get some infomation about ponies that they were targeting for awhile then pay Risatu a good amout of bits

one day, Risatu got bored with ponyville and decide to move to canterlot  and repeat same thing but his only one goal that he had is  hack  in canterlot's computers and get some info about princess celestia


Risatu is male earth pony with one pair of nerdy glasses and green for mane/tail  with gray coat and  computer hacker for his cutie mark

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