Derpy hooves 004

I like muffins but will kick butt

Derpy as a police mare and with her partner will become great to gether but she doesn't know yet


derpy started out as a rooky after her sergery for getting her eyes fixed. She met Psycho who said he was psy and she laughed and they became instant friends. when psycho became a cheif derpy was second in command and she wanted to be like psy so she got to be in the first robo suit which enhanses your skills and now she fights with psy to save ponyville from her nemesis Nega Discord.

Present & futureEdit

derpy now with armor doesnt saty in it she wants psy-oh to turn back to normal and be a normal pony and will do nothing till she fixes him and psy-oh agrees because he wants to live his life so they will fight together to fix the problem.


1. Psy-Oh

2.the police force


4. Anti Changling



1.Nega Discord

2.Queen Chrysalis

3. Evil Psy-oh

4.Rarity (personal reasons but still kind to her and they are friends)

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