Robo 004

I protect all who cant defend themselves

Robo is psycho as a robot who is in the police also this is a re drawing of him. the previous was terrible.


Psycho was the same in his home untill one day where a giant threat came to ponyville with queen chryisalis and her army to destroy ponyville. Psycho did all he could but he was killed in the battle so twilight try to rebuild him with her technology. She was successful in making psycho a new pony he then went out and saved ponyville from Chrysalis. He was the hero when the police asked him to join them he said yes and he's no part of the police and will protect all who are trying to ruin everyponies life.


1. Queen chryislis

2.Psycho (evil copy made by Chrysalis and discord)

3.Nega Discord(alternate universe discord)

4.Robo twilight Harvan 6

5.Robo Pinkamnea Diaon 2000


1.Police force

2.Anti changling

3.robo armor Derpy



6.Princess Celestia & Princess Luna






Psy-oh will have friends in the future and new rivals but most will help in defeating Queen Chryislis and her strive for world Domination

Past & PresentEdit

In his past Psycho was a pony made of pure evil and killed any pony in his way with his group of ponies that ruled that realm. He was sent to a new realm where the dangers are against him and any new ally he aquires. he was then remade to fight the evil and gained new allies like Robo armor derpy and with his new abillities he will stop at nothing till new home is safe from evil.

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