Twilight 001

This is not twilight even though she's a robot


Princess twilight wanted to create robots so when ponies are working somewhere else the robots can fill in for them. She decided to make a test robot of herself first it was successful till the robot went haywire. The robot left and started to kill inoccent ponies and then the robot disappeared. The robot was found by chryisalis who turned it into a monster. Now robot twilight harvan is after everypony to kill them except her master she will always protect or will she.


  • flight
  • magic
  • experimenting
  • lazer eyes
  • sword tail


Now this robot will take orders she wont listen to discord for him making her that way and wants to kill Nega discord to show her queen she is very powerful.


  • Queen Chryisalis
  • robo pinkamena
  • evil psycho


  • Nega discord
  • discord
  • twilight
  • psy-Oh
  • Robo armor derpy
  • anti changeling
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