Scar Helvenberg
Scar H
Scar Helvenberg, the Vampony of Ponyville
Kind Unicorn, Vampire Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Dark Red
Mane Grey and White
Coat Lightened Black
Nicknames Scar H.
Relatives Winter's Howl (Father), Mikayla Hysteria(Cousin), Nickolai Antonio Bloodgood(Brother)
Theme Song Vampire - Xandria
Cutie mark
Dripping blood in wine glass
Owner User:AngelinBlack424
"I always wondered what you tasted like." - Scar Helvenberg


Scar Helvenberg, commonly known as Scar H., is a very dark and evil vampony from the deep of the Everfree forest. She had first appeared in the halloween special episode in season 3 of My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures. She was the vampony to bite Marisa Ariel Dempsey in the end of the halloween episode, and had turned her into a vampony herself. She is also the girlfriend of Whiplash.

Scar is a very menacing and darkly romantic pony who had turned her brother Nickolai into a vampony, as well as her boyfriend Whiplash. In the episode The Return of Nightmare Night in season 3, Scar is first introduced into Ponyville and befriends Flutter Fritz. Knowing that Flutter is sensitive, Scar senses that she is weak, and targets her as a 'snack'. However, Marisa and her friends find out about the vampony's scheme, and attempt to stop her during Nightmare Night. They all proceed on a Trick or Treating hunt, looking for the vampony while getting candy from their pony neighbors. At a time, she found a stallion named Whiplash, and had pretended that she was interested in him. She bit him and turned him, and than put a Trans on him to believe that they were dating. Now Scar and Whiplash both plan their revenge on her enemies, very painfully.


Scar Helvenberg came from the Everfree Forest as a creature on a mission to befriend a pony from Ponyville and take them into the forest as food for the vamponies. She was introduced in Season 3 of My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures. During Nightmare Night, Scar had walked out of the Everfree forest in shapeshifting disquise as a regular pony. Walking into the Nightmare Night Celebration, she had met Flutter Fritz and shyly befriended her. By than, Marisa and her friends had heard about Scar's plan to 'eat' Flutter Fritz, and so the friends trotted around Ponyville trick-or-treating, while at the same time searching for Scar, who had taken Flutter Fritz over to the 'doorway' of the Everfree Forest. At the end of the episode, Scar reveiled her true form as a Vampony, and Flutter Fritz ran away in panic. Scar chased after her, until Marisa and the rest of her friends joined in and demanded Scar to leave Ponyville. Scar grinned, and with a fast move, she quickly grew out her Bat wings, and took a quick bite from Marisa's leg. Scar than ran to the EverFree forest, never to be spoken of since.


  • Scar's full name is a reference to the known weapon "Scar-H", mostly seen in the video game Call of Duty.


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