Sinister Nightmare
"Why is that I am always the one who is the sore loser in this game!?"
Sex Female
Eye Color Red
Breed Mutated/Unknown
Coat Dull Brown, Red and Light gray
Age 56 Years old
Relatives Edward Richtofen (Trainer)
Owner User: AngelinBlack424

Sinister Nightmare is a mutated cat who is one of the antagonists of the Oreo Military Cat Fanmade Kat Series living up to 56 years old from World War II Due to a severe 115 Mutation during expirementation as a kitten.


Sinister Nightmare, mainly known as Nightmare, is a cruel and twisted antagonist who has an extreme rivalry with Oreo, but however shows she has feelings for him when no one is around. Nightmare was taught by her trainer/owner, Edward Richtofen, to rule the world and punish all life on Earth that would interfere her.


Nightmare was born in August 21st, 1945 and was taken by Nazi scientists during World War II. When Sinister Nightmare was a 3 week old kitten, she was experimented on my Doctor Edward Richtofen, and it eventually made her grow mutated qualities in her appearance due to the 115. By the time she became a month old, she looked completely different than her normal kitten self. The experiment made her lose sanity and friendliness in herself, and her mutation allowed her to live up to 259 years. She became Oreo's rival after a battle in the war. She was partically responsible for Ghost's death. This was discovered by Oreo, and than he automatically despised Nightmare.

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