"Excuse me? What did you say?" -Skaye
Kind Cat
Sex Female
Occupation She used to be a pet.
Eye Color Green
Breed Mutated Bicolor cat
Coat White with Black spots
Age 9 Months
Relatives 2 parents and 3 siblings; she never met them. (Raised by a rich family)
Misc 1 Title Angie, the others.
Misc 2 Title Henry
Voice User:Gfallsfan
Owner User: AngelinBlack424, User: Gfallsfan

Skaye is a neon green bicolor cat with a black stripe going down her stomach, and she is one of the very few females in the group of cats, the other being Angie.


Skaye is a friendly and kind cat that always welcomes newcomers and strangers, but however is very spoiled. She has the tendency to get angry with the cats if they become frustrating, and she has a rivalry at Henry, the groups leader. They do not get along, but Skaye enjoys being with the group of cats on their adventures.


Skaye grew up with a rich family. She never met her birth family, which consisted of 2 girls, (each younger than Skaye) 1 boy (Older than skaye) and 2 parents. She lived in a mansion all her life.


  • Being Spoiled
  • Making fun of Henry.
  • Going to the mall with her owners, Beck and May.
  • Sleeping in (who doesn't?).
  • Angie (One of her friends.)


  • Henry
  • Not getting attention
  • Getting wet
  • Getting woken up early.


Skaye (as a kitten) was found in a box on a rainy day by Beck Hartfeld (I made this dude up) in a small cardboard box. Beck brought her home and named her Skaye. He gave her a gold collar and would care for her every day. Skaye grew up being spoiled and got a lot of attention. One day, her owners mysteriously left and the animal control came, but Skaye quickly escaped. She was forced to sleep in an alley each night, the rain pouring. One night, as she was returning home from a walk, two dogs attacked her, and Angie saved her. She's been grateful to Angie ever since, but she didn't recognize her when they crossed paths during the formation of their new group. Years later, Skaye met the other EpicCats and right off the back created a rivalry with Henry. She always tried to get him in trouble and liked it. Every time she succeded in making Henry look like a fool.


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