Tai Craat

"Well, well, well. I guess you were wrong. I still have my murdering skills."

Kind Vampony Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Mass serial killer (formerly) Ti Raal's second-in-command (currently)
Eyes Red
Mane Red
Coat Black
Nicknames The Master Slash
Relatives N/A
Theme song
Enemy type Master Manipulator
Cutie mark

Got it circularly removed, before this it was a knife.

Voice Jhonen Vasquez
Owner User:Invadervax

"Oh, it appears you are not hurt by sunlight...That is because you are not a true Vampony! You don't serve the Darkness Keeper like me and my master do. And therefore, YOU MUST DIE!!!" -Tai Craat to Fang Face

Tai Craat is a male Unicorn Vampony. He is Ti Raal's second in command. He is a Vampony king and the most dangerous Vampony in existence. This being because he was a mass serial killer when he was a mortal.


He is very cocky, cruel, selfish, and repulsive. He fears Ti Raal and has vowed loyalty to him. He is also afraid of sunlight, as it can weaken him and eventually kill him if he stays in it for too long.


He has a black coat, a dark red mane, red eyes, a sharp black horn, and fangs.


Tai Craat has all of the normal Vampoy including the rare ability which only a few Vamponies have, turning into a bat. He also has Unicorn magic and many dark magic abilities. He also has super speed and super strength, similar to Dracula from the original Dracula novel by Bram Stoker. Another ability he has is the dark ability that almost nopony ever dares to try and learn, Bloodbending, the ability to control the limbs, torso, and head of someone by bending the water inside them. He rarely uses this ability, as it is very dangerous and can drain his power if he uses it too long without the full moon to power the ability.

Mane FactsEdit

  • Tai Craat is partly based off of Necrolai from Power Rangers: Mystic Force.
  • He is basically a  Pony Dracula.
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