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This template is used to create a pony character infobox. This is most very common in the character's infoboxes.
Type {{infobox character|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{infobox cat
|Color 1 = 
|Color 2 =
|Image =
|Caption = 
|Kind = 
|Breed = 
|Sex = 
|Age = 
|Voice = 
|Eye Color = 
|Occupation = 
|Coat = 
|Relatives = 
|Owner = 
|Misc 1 Title = 
|Misc 2 Title =
|Misc 1 Text = 
|Misc 2 Text = }}

Results in...

Infobox cat
Kind Cat
Sex Male
Occupation Stuff
Eye Color Anon
Breed Some Breed
Coat Blue
Age 7
Relatives Anon
Voice Anon
Owner Anon
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