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Chapter one: First Days and Impressions

A bell rings in the distance as a purple earth pony with a red mane dashes to a big building. "I'm late for the first day of school." groaned the pony as he stopped at a traffic light He galloped in-place as he waited for the light to turn. Why didn't Ben wake me up thought the pony as he ran when the light turned green. As he ran to a pair of gates, he pulled a small plastic card from his satchel bag, he swiped the card in front of a scanner. Once the scanner dinged, the gates opened for the pony. "CAN THESE MOVE ANY SLOWER?!" yelled the pony as he weaved through the gate. He beamed as he ran to the building, but that emotion fled his face when he saw who was waiting there for him: Two unicorn stallions in suits. "Buck me."

"Class, settle down. Yes, the new school year is great, but talk on your own time. Now, I'm your homeroom teacher, Mr. Barker." Now Mr. Barker was a small brown Earth pony, looked in his early 40's, and a tan mane with hints of grey," Now for attendance." as he looked down the list he saw somepony wasn't here, "Ben, where is Anthony?"

A short blue Pegasus with a charcoal black mane stood up," He was getting ready when I last saw him this morning sir." Whispers of "Late again", "Typical Anthony", and "he should have been here." swam around the room as Ben slouched in his desk. I thought he would try to be on time this year thought Ben as he stared out the door.

"But I WAS getting to class, then you stopped me!" struggled the purple pony as he tried to free himself from the two unicorn's magic. In front of him was a pink Pegasus with a light blue mane.

*To be continued*

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