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"Oh come on! are you kidding me?  Why couldn't I chase the cat? Oh come on he is right front of the window tormenting me!" - Whicken begging his master Orange Phantom to let him out so he could chase the cat

History                                             Edit

Whicken's mom gave birth to 5 white coated and black dotted puppies. The ponies who owned female dog didnt want more puppies so they decided to leave Whicken alone with his other 4 siblings in the box out in the middle of the road

  • Whicken enjoying his bone
  • Alterted Whicken
  • Whicken
  • Whicken and his long lost siblings ( Porthos and Alice) peeking over a box
Kind Dog
Sex Male
Eyes light blue
Mane None

White coat and black spots

Porthos (brother)


Alice ( sister)

Orange Phantom (owner)

Cutie mark


during rainy day. Porthos, Alice (and other 2 unnamed dogs) decided to wander on his/her own hoping to find a good home but whicken refused to leave the box and stayed there for few days. Then finally a mysterious pony passed by the box and saw it was labeled "Free puppies", decided to take a peek inside the box and found whicken in the box lying there. He hurried and picked up Whicken, and took him to the vet to find that he was starving for awhile. The vet took care of Whicken until he could walk and regain some weight.  The pony took Whicken home, and kept him as his own pet. Until later the pony found out that Whicken could talk (to be continued.....or may be edited later).


Whicken is very sweet dog but could be cruel sometimes if something happens that he doesn't like. He is very loyal to his master Orange Phantom, and refuses to let anything happen to him. He hates strangers including the mailpony. He loves to chase cats, and he is a dalmation with bright blue colored eyes.

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