I am working on Christmas-ify the wikia and wanted to dress our OCs up. Now I have some pics, and you all need to tell me if you want something special for your OC. Here are some bases I'll be using with your OC in the top left hand corner. More will be made as we get closer to X-mas.

Will Add the others once I find a good base. If you find one, tell me please.

People I'm working/done hunting bases for: AngelinBlack242, Agent Nikolai, Anon (JaBil/Siete marmamrae). Please send your OC if you want to be in...and a PONY OC only please

The Gallery above is rough ideas.

Done with them!Edit

This is where my final drafts of OCs will go :) Hope you like it. Please note I am human and do get lazy on some of them.

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